Flood Watch

A flood warning is in effect as a result of high water levels on Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte.  

Sandbag Locations and Availability

The municipality is offering sand and sandbags to residents whose primary residence is at risk of flooding. The sandbags are self-serve, and residents must bring their own shovels to fill bags. Residents must fill out the number of sandbags they have picked up and the civic address where they will be used. Read more about building a safe sandbag wall or watch this video.

Sand and sandbags are currenlty available at the following locations daily between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm.:

• Wellington and District Community Centre, 111 Belleville Street in Wellington
• Mariners’ Park Museum (Intersection of County Road 10 and County Road 13)
• 21651 Loyalist Parkway in Carrying Place
• Bay Bridge Jeans parking lot, 5567 Highway 62 in Rossmore
• Waupoos Community Centre, 2699 County Road 8 in North Marysburgh
• South Marysburgh Fire Hall, 3076 County Road 10
• Hiscock Shores Road cul-de-sac in Ameliasburgh
• Sunrise Drive cul-de-sac in Ameliasburgh
• 35 County Road 14 in Sophiasburgh
• 15 Coleman Street in Ameliasburgh
• 75 County Road 1 in Hallowell (Sandy Hook Dome) 
• Consecon Fire Station (14 County Road 29)

View a map of the ‌sandbag distribution locations.

Latest News Releases & Public Notices

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County Road 12 along Lake Ontario reopens — June 19, 2019

Beach Street in Wellington reopens — June 19, 2019

Section of County Road 28 closed — June 14, 2019

Beach Street in Wellington closed — June 11, 2019

Portion of North Big Island Road closed June 6 — June 5, 2019

Public safety top priority during high water levels — June 3, 2019

Residents urged to remain vigilant as Lake Ontario water levels reach 2017 peak — May 31, 2019

Flood warning maintained for Lake Ontario and Bay of Quinte — May 29, 2019

Flood warning remains in effect for Lake Ontario and Bay of Quinte May 22, 2019

New sandbag locations; boat launches closed — May 15, 2019

County expands sandbag availability — May 10, 2019

Sandbags available at additional locations — May 7, 2019

Sandbags available in Sophiasburgh — May 3, 2019

Municipality offering sandbags to residents — May 2, 2019

Additional Information and Resources


Water over roadways

Water is over portions of the roadway on Winns Drive and Wesley Acres Road. The roadways remain open, though, with signs to alert drivers, who are reminded to exercise caution when travelling in the area.

Boat Launch Closures

The following municipal boat launches are closed as a result of the high water levels:

• Big Island
• Weller’s Bay – Edward Drive

The following boat launches are currently open:

• Belleville Street boat launch in Wellington
• Wellington Beach
• Rossmore
• Glendon Green
• Picton Marina
• South Bay
• Northport
• Mabel Kleinsteuber Launch – County Rd 12
• Prinyer's Cove

Updates on the status of the boat launch will be shared on The County’s Twitter account.

Sandbag Bins

The municipality has placed sandbag bins in several locations to aid with clean-up efforts:

• Consecon – Old Fire Hall (81 Consecon Main Street)
• End of Sunrise Drive
• Prinyers Cove Park
• Northport – Northport Centennial Park


For more information on your well or cistern water supply during a flood, visit the Hastings Prince Edward Public Health website. If you have questions about drinking water, please contact Hastings and Prince Edward Public Health at 613.966.5500  or 1.800.267.2803 extension 677.

Septic systems

Residents are encouraged to discuss with their septic contractor whether to pump their septic tanks during flooded or saturated drainfield conditions. At best, pumping the tank is only a temporary solution. Under worst conditions, pumping could cause the tank to float out of the ground and damage the inlet and outlet pipes.

In addition, do not compact the soil over the soil absorption field by driving or operating equipment in the area. Saturated soil is especially susceptible to compaction, which can reduce the soil absorption field’s ability to treat waste water and lead to system failure.

Boat Safety

High winds and waves can lead to shoreline erosion when lake levels are elevated. Boaters are asked to minimize their wake when passing shorelines.

As a result of high water levels, a wide variety of material could wash into rivers and lakes. And in some cases, rocks that are normally visible could be just below the surface. A collision with these hazards could cause serious damage to boats and potentially serious injuries to those onboard. Boaters are encouraged to exercise extreme caution and consult the Safe Boating Guide.

Red Cross financial aid

The Canadian Red Cross has announced financial assistance for households in affected communities in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick directly impacted by spring flooding. Affected households may receive $600 to help meet their immediate needs.

To receive this assistance, impacted households first need to be registered with the Red Cross so that individual assessments of needs can be completed. People can register by calling 1.800.863.6582 or online at www.redcross.ca/gethelp. People only need to register once for their household. Full details of assistance available can be found at www.redcross.ca/gethelp.

Emergency Preparedness Links

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