14 Apr

NOTICE: Municipal boat launches closed due to COVID-19

The County of Prince Edward is closing all municipal boat launches, effective 11:59 pm on Tuesday, April 14, to discourage unnecessary recreational travel to the municipality during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

The launches will remain closed until Tuesday, May 12, which lines up with the 28-day extension of the provincial emergency declaration passed earlier today. The municipality will consider whether to lift the closure of boat launches at that time.  

County by-law enforcement will be monitoring the boat launches to ensure compliance with the closure.

First responders will continue to have access in order to launch their vessels. 

All outdoor amenities in parks and recreational areas are closed in the municipality, as per the provincial order, which has been extended to May 12.

Up to date information on The County’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is posted on The County's website: www.thecounty.ca/county-residents/covid-19. Information about flooding can be on the County’s flood watch webpage.