16 Mar

NOTICE: Municipality urges travellers to self-isolate for 14 days

The municipality is strongly urging residents who are returning from travel outside of Canada to self-isolate for 14 days and to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

“Prince Edward County has the second highest population of older adults in Ontario. We know this demographic is at higher risk of getting very sick from the illness. That’s why I am encouraging everyone to do what they can to prevent the spread of the virus, especially the hundreds of travellers who are returning to our community this spring and who may have been exposed to the virus from outside of Canada,” says Mayor Steve Ferguson.

Dr. Piotr Oglaza, Medical Officer of Health and CEO for Hastings Prince Edward Public Health (HPEPH), is advising all individuals who are returning from any travel outside of Canada to self-isolate for 14 days and to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

This most recent advice aligns with recommendations made by the federal government. This advisory is in addition to current provincial requirements that indicate all children who have travelled internationally and all individuals who have travelled to affected areas must self-isolate for 14 days following their return to Canada.

The municipality is demonstrating leadership in this effort by requiring all staff and councillors returning from travel outside of Canada to stay home for 14 days. The municipality is also advising these staff members to follow the self-isolation guidelines provided by HPEPH and Public Health Ontario. Staff will be paid during their absence from work if they left the country before March 16. Managers and supervisors will make every effort to arrange work-from-home accommodations with the affected staff members.

Public Health Ontario offers the following guidance on how to self-isolate:

• Stay home
• Limit the number of visitors in your home
• Avoid contact with others
• Keep a distance of at least 2 metres between you and other people
• Cover your coughs and sneezes
• Wash your hands 

Self-isolation is not quarantine. If you are self-isolating, you don't have symptoms, but you minimize your contact with others.  Click here to view the self-isolation fact sheet 

Additional information on the County’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here: www.thecounty.ca/county-residents/covid-19.