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13-T-20-503, OPA-05-20 & Z51-20 (Georgios Georgiou)


The proposed subdivision (File No. 13-T-20-503) consists of the development of 5 lots for single detached dwellings and a 90 metre extension of a Hennessy Street ending in a Cul-de-Sac turnaround.

The proposed Official Plan Amendment (File No. OPA5-2020) is to re-designate lands identified on Schedule ‘A’ of the Rossmore Secondary Plan as Village Residential Area, Environmental Protection Area and Provincially Significant Wetland.  The re-designation proposes to expand the Village Residential Designation and adjust the boundaries of the Environmental Protection Area and Provincially Significant Wetland designations based on an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) submitted by the applicant. 

The subject lands are currently zoned Tourist Commercial (TC-H) and the Environmental Protection – Provincially Significant Wetland (EP-W) Zone. Through the proposed Zone Amendment (File No. Z53-20), the proposed new lots will be rezoned from the to the Hamlet Residential (HR) Zone and the Open Space (OS) Zone. The lands will also be rezoned the Environmental Protection (EP) and Environmental Protection – Provincially Significant Wetland (EP-W) Zones based on the EIS submitted with the application.


Planning Meeting March 16, 2022

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

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