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Z2-23 Tens of East Lake (Allswell Resort)


The County has received application for a Zoning By-law Amendment to permit redevelopment of 41 Willow Lane in Athol Ward.  The amendment will permit 12 tourist cabins; a tourist inn with 10 guest rooms; a resort establishment for a maximum of 100 additional guests; a boat launch, dock, and un-motorized water craft rental; a mobile restaurant; gift shop; barn for dry storage; and accessory uses including a pool, bar, and washrooms.  Special provisions will recognize lot dimensions and the location of existing buildings to remain on site.


Technical Circulation

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

Public Information Meeting

A public information meeting will take place on Monday, October 30, 2023, at 7 pm at the Waring Hall inside the Waring House (395 Sandy Hook Road, Picton). 

This public meeting is an information meeting only. Public information meetings are held as part of the planning application process. At a public information meeting, the proponent/agent will present the proposal. If any member of the public would like to ask questions or make comments, they will be able to do so after the presentation by the applicant.

The statutory public meeting required under the Planning Act will be a Planning and Development Committee meeting. The statutory public meeting would only be held after the public information meeting and when the assigned County planner has completed an analysis of the project.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact: 

Scott Pordham, Policy Planning Coordinator
613.476.2148 ext. 2024 |  F:613.471.2051

Mailing address:

332 Picton Main Street
Picton, ON  K0K 2T0

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