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B118-21 & Z92-21 - Lowe


Through Consent File No. B118-21 the owner proposes to restore a former lot that has merged with a neighboring lot. The proposed lot is 12-hectares with 113 metres of frontage each onto County Road 14 and 193 metres onto Gommorah Road. The proposed retained parcel has an area of approximately 23.5 hectares with approximately 482 metres of frontage onto County Road 14 and 413 metres onto Gommorah Road.

The subject lands are currently zoned the Rural 1 (RU1), Rural 2 and Environmental Protection (EP) Zone. Through the approval of Zoning File Z61-21, the applicants are seeking to be rezone the severed lot to Rural 1 and EP and the retained lot to Rural 2 and EP


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