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Consent File No. B19-22, B20-22, B21-22, & Zoning By-law Amendment File No. Z25-22.


The purpose of the application is to sever & rezone the lands owned by Daniel Sprague, located at 910 County Road 3, described as Part Lot 71 Concession 1 Part 1, 2 47R5393 Except Part 1, 2 47R68666; S/T         PE131016; in the Ward of Ameliasburgh, in the County of Prince Edward.


Through Consent File B19-22, the owner proposes to sever 0.25 ha for a lot addition to benefit an existing 0.3 ha parcel known as 36 Wannamaker Lane. Through Consent File B20-22, the owner proposes to sever 0.25 ha for a lot addition to benefit an existing 0.02 ha parcel known as Wannamaker Lane to benefit an existing 037 ha parcel.  Through Consent File B21-22 the owner proposes to severe a 0.05 ha parcel to benefit a 0.64 ha parcel addressed as 22 Wannamaker Lane.


The proposed severed lands are currently zoned as Rural Residential 1 (RR1) Zone, the Limited Service Residential Zone (LSR) Zone and the Special Limited Service Residential Zone (LSR-13) Zone. Through the approval of Z25-22, the parcels resulting from Consent File NoB19-22 and B20-22 are proposed to be rezoned to a Special Rural Residential (RR1-159) Zone to reflect reduced lot frontages and setbacks of the existing dwellings. The lands associated with Consent application B21-22 is proposed to be rezoned Special Rural Residential (RR1-160) Zone to reflect the existing setbacks of dwelling.



Planning Meeting September 7

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

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