Audit Committee

Duties and Functions

The Audit Committee shall:

  • Promote an appropriate environment for the management of public funds and a high level of accountability;
  • Ensure compliance with laws, regulations and municipal policies;
  • Be responsible to Council for all audit matters and those items resulting from any communications from the external auditor;
  • Report and make recommendations to the Committee of the Whole, in conjunction with regularly scheduled meetings, or as called by the Mayor.

Meeting Dates

The Audit Committee shall meet quarterly, as follows:

March – develop meeting schedule and work plan for the coming year
June – receive annual audit and management letter from external auditor
September – receive report from Treasurer regarding recommendations from auditor
November - 

The Committee may meet at any other time, as directed by Council.

Membership & Appointment

Committee Members are appointed for the Term of Council, or until reappointed. The Committee shall be composed, as follows:

  • Mayor
  • Four (4) Members of Council
  • One member of public
  • Staff resources will include the Chief Administrative Officer, Commissioner of Corporate Services and Finance, and Treasurer.

Committee Members

  • Members

    Wilma Vreeswijk

    Municipal Auditor - external resource

  • Council Members

    Mayor Steve Ferguson

    Councillor Stewart Bailey

    Councillor John Hirsch

    Councillor Phil Prinzen

    Councillor Phil St-Jean

  • Staff Contact(s)

    Acting CAO Robert McAuley

    Contact: 613.476.2148 x1004