Community & Economic Development Commission

Duties and Functions

Community economic development promotes holistic approaches, addressing individual, community and regional issues, recognizing that they have an impact on a community’s economy, social fabric, culture, environment and overall sustainability.  

The Community and Economic Development Commission (CEDC) was created in 2012 to improve transparency and provide input on the community development activities of the municipality. The commission helps Council set strategic priorities based on public consultation, industry feedback and municipally developed strategic documents and reports. Citizen, youth and elected members comprise this municipal service board with an annual budget and staff resources to implement the strategic priorities.


Policy Leadership and Support to Council

  • Establish, periodically review, amend and recommend a strategic plan for community and economic development in the County to guide long and short-term development, having regard for other strategic documents (Official Plan, Secondary Plans, Corporate Strategic Plan)
  • Regularly collect general data on the local and regional economy, community and economic development activities, reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) to encourage evidence based decision making where feasible.
  • Report to Council annually or more frequently if required on the activities of the Community and Economic Development Commission.
  • Annually undertake annually a strategic priority review in order to establish objectives and priorities for the upcoming year.
  • Revisit Commission structure and mandate prior to the end of each term of Council.

Industry Support and Activities

  • Identify and conduct activities relating to business and industry retention, expansion, attraction and sustainability;
  • Destination development, which includes communication strategies, marketing and promotion strategies and visitor services for the    municipality.
  • Explore opportunities to infuse financial stability into the County’s built heritage attractions, non-profit and volunteer organizations. Consider and implement strategies that support heritage as an economic driver.

Community Leadership and Engagement

  • Working with community development partners, identify duplication and gaps in service supports, delivery for the community and propose / facilitate solutions. Encourage and facilitate organizations, institutions and individuals within the community to be involved in joint ventures, partnerships and other cooperative efforts to improve the economic, social, cultural, environmental well-being of the community.
  • Identify methods to collaborate and liaise with the myriad of ancillary community partners and resources who may participate on sub-committees, to ensure feedback and input from the broader community with respect to community and economic development issues.
  • Network with government agencies and participate in regional economic planning activities when appropriate.
  • Champion ongoing public consultation with respect to community and economic development needs as identified by the community and Economic Development Commission and/or Council as directed.

Meeting Dates

As per the Municipal Procedure By-law and applicable legislation.


The Committee shall be composed as follows:

Voting Members

  • The municiplaity shall appoint two Councillors as commission members.
  • The municipality shall appoint:
    — One member from the Prince Edward County Chamber of Tourism and Commerce; and
    — Six to eight citizen members reflecting the diversity of Community and Economic Development partners/sectors of the municipality and addressing the core function (mandate) of the Commission.

Non-Voting Members

  • The Mayor shall be an ex-officio member of the Commission; however, the mayor shall only have voting privileges in the absence of a Councillor appointee.
  • One youth representative. A student who is enrolled in secondary education and a resident of The County. All other eligibility requirements remain the same. The youth representative does not affect quorum.


The appointments made shall be for a two-year term or until replaced and members shall be eligible for reappointment by the appointing body to successive terms unless they are otherwise replaced by the appointing body. The municipality and its appointing Council shall balance the reappointments in a manner that will balance succession and continuity challenges.

Commission Members