Local Food First Impressions

Community Exchange (FICE)

Haliburton County & Prince Edward County


In early 2016, the Community Development Department worked OMAFRA and Haliburton County to develop and pilot a First Impressions Community Exchange based on Local Food Experiences.

The First Impressions Community Exchange is based on the notion that all communities can learn from their peers. Haliburton County and Prince Edward County were matched and teams of volunteers were assembled to discreetly visit each other’s community to record their first impressions.

This exercise involved teams of volunteers from each county visiting their partnering county for a day/ overnight to document their ‘local food’ experience while there. This happened in October, 2016. Teams provided feedback based on research prior to their visit, their impressions upon entering a community, knowledge of local food in the community, signage etc.

Results from this exercise will be helpful for both Haliburton County and Prince Edward County in developing strategies to improve the local food experience for tourists and locals alike.

Watch the Video Presenation by Haliburton County: