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Be prepared for total solar eclipse on April 8

April 2, 2024

With the total solar eclipse less than a week, the County of Prince Edward is encouraging residents to prepare in advance in order to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

On Monday, April 8, 2024, the County of Prince Edward will experience a total solar eclipse. This rare celestial event occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, casting a shadow and creating complete darkness across Prince Edward County.

Eye safety

  • It is not safe to look at the Sun without eye protection. Looking at even a small sliver before or after the eclipse without eye protection can be harmful to your vision. Health impacts may include retinal burns, blurred vision, and loss of eyesight (immediate or delayed onset).
  • Glasses with specialized filters adhering to the ISO 12312-2 international standard can be worn to prevent eye damage. Glasses should be inspected for wrinkles or scratches ahead of use and should not be used if damaged.
  • If appropriate eye protection is not available, alternative viewing strategies should be considered, such as an eclipse box or a live stream.

Travel tips

  • Follow local directives and road signage as you travel on April 8. While travelling on highways, do not stop, take pictures, or get out of your car to view the eclipse.
  • While driving, avoid looking at the eclipse. Keep your eyes on the road to safely operate your vehicle and avoid collisions.
  • Expect increases in traffic and road congestion. Plan ahead, fill your gas tank, and have snacks, water, entertainment, and first-aid supplies on hand.
  • If travelling to view the eclipse, plan to arrive at your destination 24-48 hours ahead of time.
  • Stay updated on road conditions before, during, and after the eclipse by visiting

Selecting a viewing location

  • If you are planning on viewing this phenomenon, be mindful of your surroundings when selecting a location.
  • Avoid areas with steep terrain, unstable ground, or bodies of water.
  • Choose a safe and open space where you can comfortably observe the eclipse without risk.
  • Respect all no parking areas in order to ensure emergency vehicles can pass
  • Do not trespass on private property.

Have a plan

  • With a potential large influx of people, it is important to plan ahead. Roads may become congested, cellular service may be impacted in the area, and emergency services may be delayed in responding. Having a preparedness plan and 72-hour emergency kit can help in case an emergency happens during the eclipse.
  • Emergency kits should include enough food and water for you, your family and your pets for 72-hours, along with medications, cash, phone chargers, first aid kit and change of clothes. In addition to your 72-hour emergency preparedness kit, make sure you have a car survival kit in your vehicle in case you get stuck.
  • Learn more about emergency kits: Click Here

Washroom facilities

The following parks will have portable washrooms installed for April 8:

  • Wilkinson Park (2699 County Rd 8, North Marysburgh)
  • Westfall Park (2525 County Rd 64, Carrying Place)
  • Delhi Park (7 Lalor St, Picton)
  • Centennial Park (1417 County Rd 15, Sophiasburgh)
  • Roblin Lake Park (38 Coleman St, Ameliasburgh)
  • Macaulay Village Heritage Park (26 London Ave, Picton)
  • Wellington Park (251 Wellington Main Street)
  • Rossmore Memorial Park (744 County Road 28, Rossmore)
  • Consecon Park (25 Porter Street, Consecon)
  • Demorestville Park (2771 County Rd 5, Demorestville)

Weather permitting, the public washrooms at Wellington Park, Benson Park (56 King Street, Picton), Roblin Lake Park (38 Coleman Street, Ameliasburgh), and Westfall Park (2525 County Road 64 off Highway 33, Carrying Place) will be open.

Stay up to date

There are several ways you can stay up to date on the total solar eclipse leading up to and during the event:


If you have questions or concerns, contact the County of Prince Edward at 613.476.2148 extension 1023, 613.962.9108 extension 1023, or

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