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Council & Committee of the Whole – January 30 & February 1, 2024

February 5, 2024

Council Highlights – January 30 Regular Meeting of Council


The mayor announced a motion regarding the Association of Municipalities of Ontario requesting that the province review the financial relationship with municipalities for the February 13, 2024, Council meeting.

February 11, 2024, has been proclaimed as 211 Day in Prince Edward County by Mayor Ferguson. Shire Hall be lit in red in support of 211 Day.

The entire month of February 2024 has been proclaimed as Black History Month in Prince Edward County by Mayor Ferguson. The mayor noted black history month is a time to foster diversity and inclusion in Prince Edward County and encourages citizens to embrace cultural diversity.


Hastings Prince Edward Learning Foundation receives cheque for the Feed the Meter fundraising campaign
Mayor Ferguson presented a cheque to the Hastings Prince Edward Learning Foundation for the Feed the Meter fundraising campaign for a total of $3,253 from the municipality. All funds collected in downtown parking meters during the month of December support Food for Learning’s school breakfast, snack, and lunch programs in local schools.

Local man receives Civic Recognition Award
The mayor presented a Civic Recognition Award to Ahmed Mustafa in recognition of saving 6 members of Ahmed’s family when their home caught on fire on May 28, 2023. Ahmed was commended for his courage and being an inspiration not only for what he did during the fire, but because of his character. The mayor noted how proud he and others are that the Mustafa family have made the County their home.

Built & Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee 2023 annual updates presented to Council
Sandy Latchford, Chair of the Built & Cultural Heritage Committee, presented Council with the Committee’s 2023 annual update. Discussions included the process of selling a burial plot and where the costs are allocated. It was noted that with cemeteries reaching capacity, many people could be cremated and placed into a single plot. Click here to view the Committee’s workplan for 2024.


Prince Edward Pickleball Court Location
Stephanie Roth, Chair of Prince Edward Pickleball (PEP) addressed Council regarding the PEP court location. Council confirmed that Delhi Park in Picton serve as the site for the new proposed pickleball courts. Staff will continue to work with the PEP on orientation, design, communication, and budget considerations.

Comments from the Audience

Cassandra Buckley and Donna Joyce both spoke to item 10.2 and 11.1.3 regarding Leeward House. Discussions included the impact of Leeward House to property values and the sense of security. Transparency and an open path to collaborate with the public were also discussed.

Items on the Agenda

Council approves the 2024 Land Ambulance Budget
Council approved the 2024 Land Ambulance Budget prepared using Public Sector Accounting Board Policies. The 2024 Land Ambulance Budget, in accordance with Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) Accounting Policies, is required by the province. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requires financial reporting that is consistent with PSAB Accounting Policies. The approved PSAB Budget will be used by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to calculate the 2023 Land Ambulance Services Grant. PSAB Accounting is a different way of showing the numbers, using accrual-based accounting rather than cash-basis accounting. PSAB adjustments reverse the principal portion of debt out of expenditures, removes the transfer to reserves, and budgets for amortization. Click here to read the full report.


Council approves 2024 Temporary Borrowing By-law
Council approved a by-law to provide for the temporary borrowing of monies for the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward for the year 2024. Section 407 of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, C.25, provides the authority for the temporary borrowing of such sums as Council considers necessary to meet the current expenditures of the County until such time as taxes are collected and other revenues are received. Staff recommended that a by-law be authorized for the temporary borrowing of monies and provide the calculation of the temporary borrowing limits for the County in 2024. It is an annual practice, following the approval of the budget, for such a by-law to be put in place. The temporary borrowing by-law is required to ensure that the County has continuing cash flow to fund operations. Click here to read the full report.


Ontario Regulation 284/09 and the 2024 Budget
Council approved the staff report presented to them in compliance with Ontario Regulation 284/09. The purpose of this report is to meet the requirements of Ontario Regulation 284/09 Budget Matters – Expenses and to report on the impact of the excluded costs to the accumulated surplus and for future tangible assets funding requirements. As is common municipal practice, Prince Edward County prepared its 2024 Budget without the inclusion of amortization expenses and solid waste landfill and post-closure expenses; post-employment benefits expense, however, has been included in the 2024 Budget. Click here to read the full report.


Reappointment of a Councillor to the Emergency Management Program Committee
The mayor opened the nomination process for Council to vote on a Councillor to serve on the Emergency Management Program Committee and act in the place of the Head of Council for declaring an emergency when the Head of Council is absent, refuses to act, or if the office is vacant.
Councillor Pennell nominated Councillor Braney. Councillor Braney accepted the nomination and will serve on the Committee.


Leeward House Project
In regard to the Leeward House Project, the mayor and CAO will execute a Memorandum of Understanding between Prince Edward Lennox and Addington Social Services (PELASS) and The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward, under the Homelessness Prevention Program for New Transitional funding, and will present the applicable By-Law at the January 30th, 2024, Council meeting.

The CAO will enter into a Lease Agreement with Base31 for the property municipality known as 1133 County Road 5 for the operation of a Transitional Housing Facility.

Council approved a by-law to authorize the Lease Agreement with 1133 County Road 5 Inc, known as Base31 for the property 1133 County Road 5 as the Transitional Housing Facility.

Staff will consult with impacted landowners and interested persons to address concerns in the implementation of the Leeward House.

Other Business
Council received resignations and appointments from community members from various advisory committees and board.

Council approved minutes from previous advisory committees and board meetings.


Committee of the Whole Highlights – February 1, 2024


Agricultural Advisory Committee 2023 Annual Update to Council
Bob Rogers, Chair of the Agricultural Advisory Committee, addressed Council regarding the Agricultural Advisory Committee 2023 annual update to Council. It was confirmed that the committee provides comments regarding severance applications on farmland.


Visit The County Draft 2024 Annual Business Plan
Rebecca Mackenzie, Board Chair of Visit The County, addressed Council regarding the draft 2024 annual business plan. Discussions included marketing and the different avenues used including print and social media and talk of how Visit The County is funding product development.

The County to Explore a Parkette and Enhanced Rest Stop Area on the Millennium Trail
Councillor Pennell brought forward a motion seeking Council support to explore a parkette and enhanced rest stop area on the Millennium Trail by Salem Road and County Road 33 in Ameliasburgh. Councillor Pennell’s motion stated that the current rest stop property is underutilized. An enhanced rest stop with a parkette may stimulate the local economy, showcase Ameliasburgh, and provide a place residents and visitors can enjoy in the northern part of the County. Staff will explore the viability of a rest stop at Salem Road and County Road 33 and report back to Council by Q4 2024. Click here to read Councillor Pennell’s entire motion.


Motions Arising from Closed Session
Following closed session, when the Committee reconvened in Open Session, the following motion were brought forward for Council ratification

  1. THAT Council receive report CAO-01-2024;
  2. THAT Council approve a 5-year Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) Agreement with StayPEC for the purpose of dispersing MAT funds; and
  3. THAT staff be directed to bring forward a By-Law in open session at a future Council meeting to approve and implement the MAT Agreement with StayPEC.


The next Regular Meeting of Council will be held on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, at Shire Hall, 332 Main Street, Picton. 

The next Committee of the Whole meeting will be a special meeting held on Friday, February 9, 2024 at 9 am at the Bloomfield Town Hall.

This summary is not a complete record of the proceedings of the meetings. For the official record, please refer to the minutes in the next Council agenda.  A video of this meeting is available on The County’s YouTube Channel.

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