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County approves growth funding by-laws

March 8, 2023

County Council adopted last week important by-laws for growth funding charges that help pay for infrastructure and services that support new development in the municipality.

Council approved the Development Charges background study as well as the by-laws to impose Development Charges in the following service areas:

  • Services related to a highway
  • Ambulance services
  • Fire protection services
  • Parks and recreation services
  • Waste diversion services
  • Library services
  • Long term care services

Development charges are fees imposed on land development and redevelopment projects. Those funds are used by the municipality to cover capital costs associated with residential and non-residential growth within the municipality, ensuring that growth pays for growth.

The background study, which is required under provincial legislation — Development Charges Act — examined anticipated residential and non-residential growth over the next 20 years, including the location of development, population, housing, and employment projections. Based on those projections, the municipality determined the increase in need for service that is required.

Development charges do not cover the full cost of building new infrastructure like roads, bridges, and buildings. The County relies on property taxes and funding from higher levels of government to cover the portion the new infrastructure that benefits existing development.

The growth-related portion of expanded water and wastewater infrastructure will continue to be recovered in two ways:

  • In the Wellington urban serviced area, costs are recovered through the area-specific development charges by-law 90-2021.
  • All other growth-related costs of water and wastewater services are recovered through connection charges imposed under the authority of the Municipal Act. 

Based on the projects moving through the planning system today, the municipality anticipates seeing thousands of new housing units built by 2030. As part of that growth, a wider mixture of housing types, and rental buildings is projected – an important contribution to making housing more affordable. Visit the County website to learn more about how the municipality is managing growth and development.

If you have questions regarding the new Development Charges by-laws, contact Amanda Carter, Director of Finance and IT, as 613.476.2148 extension 1502 or email

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