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County Council approves first part of rural road work plan for 2023

May 12, 2023

Work on more than 45 km of rural roads will get underway in a few short weeks.

County Council approved on May 9 the first part of the 2023 rehabilitation and maintenance program for rural roads across the municipality. The bulk of this work in 2023 is single surface treatment, a preventative maintenance technique that will extend the life of a surface-treated road surface that is still in good condition.

“Focusing this year on single surface treatment is part of the five-year roads plan that Council endorsed earlier this year,” says Adam Goheen, Director of Operational Services. “If we can spend the money now on extending the life of these roads, we can get a lot more use out of them before we have to fully reconstruct them, which is much more expensive. As the old saying goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.'”

Nearly 34 km of roads will receive a single surface treatment in 2023. Single surface treatment will occur on:

  • Black Road (east of Civic Address 1052 to Doxsee Road)
  • Bongards Crossroad (County Road 7 to County Road 8)
  • Chapmans Crescent (entire length)
  • County Road 19 (Cunningham Road to Civic Address 1450)
  • Cowan Road (entire length)
  • Hubbs Road (Valley Road to Victoria Road)
  • Lakeside Drive (Mellville Road to Link Road)
  • Long Point Road (Civic Address 5036 to past Civic Address 5546)
  • Miller Road (County Road 17 to Old Milford Road)
  • Murphy Road (County Road 10 to County Road 13)
  • Ridge Road (Civic Address 608 to County Road 12)
  • Salmon Point Road (County Road 18 to end)
  • Scotts Mill Road (Old Milford Road to Crowes Road)
  • Station Road (Hillier/County Road 33 to where surface treatment ends)
  • Wesley Acres Road (Millennium Trail to end)

In addition, micro surfacing, another preventative maintenance technique used on asphalt road surfaces to help prevent water from seeping into the road base and causing deterioration, will be applied on:

  • County Road 1 (east of Civic Address 3408 to County Road 2)
  • County Road 12 (Stanley Street to Civic Address 634)
  • County Road 3 (Old Orchard Road [east end] to Civic Address 3072)
  • County Road 3 (Civic Address 3472 to County Road 33)
  • County Road 33 (Civic Address 15490 to Civic Address 16057)

Double surface treatment, also known as tar-and-chip, will include rehabilitation of the road surface including pulverizing, base stabilization, and addition of new granular material, followed by a double layer of surface treatment. This will occur on Doxsee Road, south of Black Road to Jericho Road, in 2023.

All of the work outlined above is scheduled to get underway later this spring with expected completion by the end of summer.

In addition to surface treatment, the County is expanding its spot-repair program in 2023. Staff are identifying smaller sections of roads that have deteriorated significantly. Crews will dig out those sections, repair the road base, and then reinstate the surface. Staff are determining the scope for this work in 2023 with the tender for contracted work related to this going out within the next couple of weeks.

The Operational Services Department team will also be out this spring with regular maintenance work like street sweeping, gravel road resurfacing, and guide rail repairs.

Visit the County website to learn more about road rehabilitation and maintenance. Sign up to receive news and notices including updates on road work. You can also follow the County on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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