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County finalizes 2022 rural road work plan

March 24, 2022

The County’s rural road work program will kick into high gear in the coming weeks.

The plan for the 2022 season received Council approval on March 22. Preventative maintenance and rehabilitation will take place on more than 42 kilometres of County roadways in the coming months. Council increased funding in the 2022 capital budget for rural road rehabilitation to offset inflationary pressures and ensure the same amount of work can take place this year as occurred during the 2021 season.

Seventeen kilometres of roads will receive double surface treatment, also known as tar-and-chip, in 2022. These road sections are in poor condition and must be rehabilitated, as maintenance techniques are no longer a suitable solution. Double surface treatment will occur on:

  • Hiscocks Shores Road, from Smokes Point Road to the end
  • McFaul Road, from County Road 1 to County Road 2
  • Stinson Block Road, from Edward Drive to Civic Address 1036
  • Gardenville Road, from County Road 64 to Smokes Point Road
  • Harbard Road, from Gardenville Road to Harbard Lane
  • County Road 13, from County Road 16 to Civic Address 508
  • Potter Road, from County Road 5 to Norton Road
  • Mountain Road, from County Road 7 to Chuckery Hill Road
  • Old Milford Road, from McKinley Crossroad to Miller Road

Close to 16 km of roads will receive a single surface treatment in 2022. Single surface treatment is a preventative maintenance technique aimed at extending the life of the road surface that is still in good condition. Single surface treatment will occur on:

  • Fenwood Crescent
  • Taylor Drive
  • County Road 13, from County Road 8 to Civic Address 508
  • Tripp Road
  • Davis Road
  • Palmer-Burris Road
  • Shannon Road, the section South of Ridge Road
  • Hanthorn Street
  • Old Orchard Road

Additional preventative maintenance work and rehabilitation work will also take place this summer. Micro surfacing, a preventative maintenance technique used to extend the life of the roadway, will be applied on:

  • County Road 1, from County Road 2 to Chase Road
  • County Road 1, from Highway 62 to Matthie Road
  • County Road 8, from Picton boundary to County Road 17
  • Loyalist Parkway, from east of Hillier to Civic Address 19140

All of the work outlined above is scheduled to get underway later this spring with expected completion by the end of summer. The Operational Services Department team will also be out this spring with regular maintenance work like street sweeping, gravel road resurfacing, and guide rail repairs.

County staff are also working with a geotechnical engineering consultant to develop a plan to address the newly rehabilitated Victoria Road, which exhibited surface failures following a rapid thaw earlier this winter. A series of deep exploratory excavations along the roadsides will take place in the next several weeks; motorists can expect to experience minor delays as this work takes place.

Visit the County website to learn more about road rehabilitation and maintenance. Sign up to receive news and notices including updates on road work. You can also follow the County on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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