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County Transit asking for public feedback on new schedule

May 7, 2024

County Transit is seeking public input on some options for a new schedule, as it prepares to add a mid-day departure to its fixed route service.

The municipality recently received funding from the Government of Ontario to add a fifth mid-day departure to the existing fixed route (Picton-Bloomfield-Belleville). Staff have also reviewed the current schedule and determined that it needs to be adjusted to better reflect travel times and to allow time for new stops along the route.

A new schedule with three options is now available for review. The municipality is looking for feedback from current and potential riders to determine which option will best serve the community. If you are a transit rider, or would like to be, please respond to the Fixed Route Schedule Poll by Tuesday, May 14.

The new schedule with the added departure is tentatively scheduled to begin in early June.

The municipality is currently in the first phase of refreshing its public transit program. During this initial phase, the municipality is focused on improving the current system.

Phase two will focus on longer term planning for the future of public transit. The goal is to develop a 5 to 10-year plan that meets the community’s needs in light of projected growth. Robust public consultation on transportation needs, barriers to use, schedules, and routes will occur during phase two from July 2024 – February 2025.

County Transit currently consists of:

  • A fixed route that runs four times a day between Belleville, Bloomfield and Picton, Monday-Friday. This route loops around Picton to collect riders in town before heading to Belleville via Bloomfield. Then, it runs back from Belleville, depositing riders in Bloomfield and looping around Picton before ending its route at Metro. Rural residents who live within 2 km of this route can arrange for the bus to pick them up and connect to the route to/from Belleville.
  • Door-to-bus-stop service for people who are more than 2 km from the route, but who wish to connect to the fixed route. When booked in advance, County Transit will pick you up at your home or nearby, and bring you to a bus stop in Picton or Bloomfield to continue on the route to/from Belleville.

In addition to these services, available to everyone in The County, the municipality offers a Specialized Service for people with disabilities and seniors aged 55+. The specialized service offers door-to-door service, booked on demand in advance.

Visit Have Your Say to learn more about the County Transit refresh project.

If you have questions about public transit, please contact Transit Coordinator Vincent de Tourdonnet at

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