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Micro surfacing on several roads to begin August 30

August 29, 2023

Contractors retained by the County of Prince Edward will be undertaking a micro surfacing application on various roads starting Wednesday, August 30.

Micro surfacing work is expected to continue for the next two weeks.

The following roads will be affected:

  • County Road 1 (from County Road 2 to 1 km east)
  • County Road 3 (from Old Orchard Road [east end] to civic address 3072)
  • County Road 3 (from civic address 3472 to Loyalist Parkway)
  • County Road 12 (from the Bloomfield limit to civic address 634)
  • Loyalist Parkway (from civic address 15490 to civic address 16057)

Micro surfacing is a road rehabilitation technique that extends the life expectancy of the asphalt roadway. The technique seals the road surface to prevent water from infiltrating the road base. The technique also creates a road surface with a coarser texture for enhanced skid resistance and reinstates a safe wearing surface.

A specialized machine mixes material (emulsified asphalt, aggregate, filler, water and additives) that are then spread over the existing road surface. After a short curing period, traffic is provided access to the new surface.

The micro surfacing work is one aspect of the 2023 rural road rehabilitation program. The bulk of the work in 2023 focuses on single surface treatment, a preventative maintenance technique that extends the life of a surface-treated road surface that is still in good condition. The goal is to get a lot more use out of these roads before they have to be fully reconstructed, which is a much more expensive undertaking.

Single surface treatment work began on July 4 and wrapped up on July 20. Click here to see the roads completed or watch this video explaining the process.

For more information, contact the County of Prince Edward at 613.476.2148 extension 1023, 613.962.9108 extension 1023, or email

Please note: The County of Prince Edward provides this information as a service to the general public. While we do our best to provide accurate information, construction projects and associated service disruptions are subject to change based on weather, road, traffic, and other uncontrollable conditions.

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