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Planning underway for 2024 total solar eclipse

October 24, 2023

The County of Prince Edward has started planning for a rare total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, which has the potential to attract many visitors to the area.

The County is in the “path of totality” where the sun will be completely blocked by the moon. This once-in-a-lifetime event will not happen again until 2399, more than 400 years from now. In Picton, the total eclipse is predicted to begin at 3:21 pm and last for 3 minutes and 2 seconds.

The path of totality is approximately 185-km wide stretching across the United States and Canada. Click here to see the path. People living outside the path of totality are expected to travel to areas like Prince Edward County to experience this extremely rare celestial event.

The County’s Municipal Emergency Control Group (MECG) and several community partners met last week for a preliminary discussion about the event. Some of the topics covered include traffic control, health and safety, and communications.

The group will meet in the months ahead, with the frequency of meetings increasing closer to the date of the total solar eclipse. Updates and information will be posted on the County website, shared on social media (Facebook and X/Twitter), and distributed through the County’s news and notices mailing list.

The municipality reminds residents and visitors that looking directly at the solar eclipse without proper eye protection is extremely dangerous and could lead to permanent eye damage. You must use high-quality eye protection to view the eclipse. Learn more about how to view a solar eclipse safely.

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