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Regional water supply servicing study upgraded Master Plan

December 7, 2022

The County is initiating a Master Plan under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Master Planning Process to identify long-term drinking water servicing strategies for the municipality.

A previously published Notice of Commencement advised the public that this project was being completed as a Schedule B Class EA study. However, given the broad scope of the study, this project will now be conducted in accordance with the Master Planning Process in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment document.

The Master Planning Process will include a similar scope of the original study: to identify and evaluate drinking water servicing alternatives for the urban centres of Picton, Wellington and Rossmore, and the villages of Bloomfield, Ameliasburgh, Peat’s Point, Consecon and Carrying Place. A preferred water servicing strategy for these areas will be selected to minimize technical, socio-cultural, natural environmental and economic impacts.

Public consultation is an integral component of the Master Planning process. Residents’ input will be sought during the planning process. A Public Information Centre (PIC) will be held as part of the study process. Once a date for the PIC is confirmed, the County will publish invitation notices to the PIC in local newspapers and on the County’s website, as well as distribute the notices to all individuals who express an interest in this project

If you want to be added to the project contact list to receive notices and information, or to provide comments at any time during the process, please contact Garrett Osborne, Project Manager, at 613.476.2148 extension 2002 or email

Click here for more information on this Master Plan Class EA.





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