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OPA4-2021, B6-21, B7-21, B8-21, B9-21, B10-21, B11-21, B12-21, B13-21 & Z12-21 (Edwin County Farms)


The purpose and effect of the application will be to amend the Official Plan, sever and rezone lands owned by Edwin County Farms, located on Kilburn Lane, described as Part Lot 12-13 Concession 1 West of Green Point Part 1,2,3,4 47R2104 S/T PE174364 S/T PE174364 S/T Interest In PE174364; S/T SB8870, SB8878., in the Ward of Sophiasburgh., (see Key Map) in the County of Prince Edward.

Through Official Plan Amendment File No. OPA4-2021, the applicants are proposing to amend the Official Plan to permit the creation of three new lots (1 retained) and create changes to an existing private Right of Way (Kilburn Lane).

Through Consent File B6-21,B7-21,B8-21,B9-21,B10-21,B11-21,B12-21,B13-21, the owners propose to sever to create three (3) new lots, retain one (1) lot and create five (lot) additions to benefit five (5) existing cottage lots on the Killburn Lane.

The subject lands are currently zoned Rural 1 (RU1), Limited Service Residential (LSR) Zone and Environmental Protection (EP) Zone. Through the approval of Zoning File No. Z12-21, the proposed new lots are proposed to be zoned Rural Residential 2 (RR2) Zone and Special Limited Service Residential (LSR-XX) Zone. The lots subject to the lot additions are proposed to be rezoned from Limited Service Residential (LSR) Zone to Limited Service Residential (LSR-XX) Zone. All Environmental Protection (EP) Zones will remain.


The applicants have submitted a revised Survey Sketch and Hydrogeological Assessment which can be found below:

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

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