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Committee of Adjustment


The Committee of Adjustment considers applications for minor variances from the Comprehensive Zoning By-law, as amended, and variances to any other by-law specified by Council that implements the Official Plan. It is the responsibility of the Secretary-Treasurer of Development Services to accept all applications for processing, upon submission by the applicant.

Applications to the Committee of Adjustment will be processed in accordance with the requirements of Section 45 of the Planning Act, applicable regulations (O. Reg 200/96 as amended), the Statutory Powers Procedures Act and the Committee of Adjustment procedure.

The Committee is authorized by the Planning Act to consider applications for:

  1. Minor variances from the provisions of the Zoning By-law;
  2. Extensions, enlargements or variations of existing legal non-conforming uses under the Zoning By-law; and,
  3. Determine whether a particular use conforms with the provisions of the Zoning By-law where the uses of land, buildings or structures permitted in the by-law are defined in general terms.

The goals and purpose of the Committee of Adjustment are to:

  1. Hear presentations from property owners, applicants, or authorized agents,
  2. Hear and consider public input; and,
  3. Make informed decisions on the following Planning Act

Review the Committee of Adjustment Terms of Reference.


  1. Two (2) members of Council
  2. Three (3) members of the Public

Current Members

  • Ward 1 Picton Councillor Phil St-Jean
  • Ward 8 North Marysburgh Councillor David Harrison
  • Yvonne Buys
  • Ray Ford
  • Dave Morton


The Committee of Adjustment shall meet a maximum of twelve (12) times per year; however, more frequent meetings may occur at the discretion of the Chair.

The meeting, agenda, and minutes will be available to the public, on the municipal website. Members of the public may participate electronically as requested, in accordance with the Procedural By-Law.

If you have any questions about the Committee of Adjustment, contact Pam Thompson,  Secretary-Treasurer, at or call 613.476.2148 ext. 2004.