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Picton BIA Board of Management

All properties within the Corporate limits of the Town of Picton are designated an improvement area for the purpose of improving, beautifying and maintaining municipally owned lands, buildings and structures and the promotion of the area as a business or shopping area. A sum sufficient to pay the cost of improvement, beautification, maintenance and promotion for the improvement area as contained in estimates approved by Council for the year shall be levied and borne by persons assessed for business assessment in the improvement area.


  • One (1) Member of Council
  • Members (which are recommended by the Board and appointed by Council)


  • Ward 1 Picton Councillor Phil St-Jean
  • Arlene Wright (Secretary)
  • Krystal Campbell
  • Lesley Knox
  • Jason Alexander
  • Jordan Malka
  • Dawn Middleton
  • Tamara Steinborn


Until further notice, Board meetings are held via Zoom. Meetings take place on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm. If members of the public wish to attend Picton BIA Board meetings, please contact The Executive Director at:

For more information, visit Experience Picton Resources.