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Recreation Ward Committees


  1. Develop, coordinate, and support recreation programs and activities for the residents of the Ward.
  2. Be representative and responsive to the recreation, culture, and heritage needs of the Ward.
  3. Provide a focal point for the planning and delivery of Ward events and activities.
  4. Build a sense of community within the Ward and to encourage residents to get involved.
  5. Maintain coordination and liaise with other community groups within the Ward and other Ward Recreation Committees.
  6. The Ward Recreation Committees will create an environment of cooperation and liaison for County-wide recreation, culture or heritage initiatives through an informal network.
  7. Liaise with County staff and other user groups on recreation facility capital needs and plans.


Recreation Ward Committees will have 5 to 9 members, not including Councillor appointments.


  • Councillor Kate MacNaughton
  • Debbie Rankin (Chair)
  • Beverley Humphrey
  • Janice Duffy
  • Jeanie Perruzza
  • Julie Miller
  • Kolby Parks
  • Malcolm Ross
  • Brogan Courtney


  • Councillor Phil Prinzen
  • Sue Hierlihy (Chair)
  • Angela Prinzen
  • David A. Kellar
  • Diana Cooper
  • Hedy Brambot-Kellar
  • Joanne Adema
  • Terrance Hierlihy


  • Councillor Mike Harper
  • Paul Edmonds
  • Sharon Harrison
  • vacant
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  • Councillor Jamice Maynard
  • Jan Nightingale (Chair)
  • Angela Bowers
  • Emily McCormack
  • Fred Morton
  • Kim Laird
  • Nicholas Nowitski
  • Rae-Ellen Alarie
  • Ray Patterson


  • Councillor Jamie Forrester
  • Glen Wallis (Chair)
  • Bonnie Robson Carpenter  
  • Braydon Scully
  • Gavin North
  • Janet Davies
  • Susan Wallis


  • Councillor Ernie Margetson
  • Peggy Burris (Chair)
  • Carol Haagsma
  • Christine Dimitris
  • Dianne MacKinnon
  • J. Leonard Smith
  • Jeffrey Connell
  • Rosemary Istead
  • Tara McMullen
  • Thomas Christopher Bolton

North Marysburgh

  • Councillor Stewart Bailey
  • Ellen Snider (Chair)
  • Craig Cooper
  • Julie Jones
  • Linda McBain
  • Marissa Burley
  • Patricia Gamble
  • Terry Murdoch


  • Councillor Bill Roberts
  • Mike Farrell (Chair)
  • Brian Longwell
  • Greer Koutroulides
  • Henri Garand
  • Krista Rosborough
  • Larissa Stout
  • Michelle Pritchard
  • Peggy Rainville

South Marysburgh

  • Councillor John Hirsch
  • Bruce W. Dowdell (Chair)
  • Sandy Blackford
  • Janna McCarthy
  • Leon McConnell
  • Catherine Reilly
  • Brian Sword
  • Elis Ziegler
  • Stephen Empringham
  • Kathy Empringham

If you have any questions about the Recreation Ward Committees, contact the Clerk’s Office at or call 613.476.2148 ext. 1020.