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Recreation Ward Committees


  1. Develop, coordinate, and support recreation programs and activities for the residents of the Ward.
  2. Be representative and responsive to the recreation, culture, and heritage needs of the Ward.
  3. Provide a focal point for the planning and delivery of Ward events and activities.
  4. Build a sense of community within the Ward and to encourage residents to get involved.
  5. Maintain coordination and liaise with other community groups within the Ward and other Ward Recreation Committees.
  6. The Ward Recreation Committees will create an environment of cooperation and liaison for County-wide recreation, culture or heritage initiatives through an informal network.
  7. Liaise with County staff and other user groups on recreation facility capital needs and plans.


Recreation Ward Committees will have up to 9 members, not including Councillor appointments.

Ward 1 Picton Councillor Kate MacNaughton
Raj Dhillon
Julie Miller
Brogan Courtney
Beverley Humphrey
Janice Duffy
Malcolm Ross
Jeannie Perruzza
Jean-Philippe Lavoie

Ward 2 Bloomfield/Hallowell Councillor Brad Nieman
Joanne Adema
Angela Prinzen
Hedy Brambat-Kellar
Barry Turpin
Chris Dyer
Mark Hindson
Britt Drumm-Nodwell
Ross Hamilton
Susanne Pettit

Ward 3 Wellington Councillor Corey Engelsdorfer
Robert Paul Edmonds
Bethany Mulder-Kelly
Jennifer Armstrong
Michael Hotrum
Brenda Little

Ward 4 Ameliasburgh Councillor Janice Maynard
Dorian O’Brien
Kim Laird
Ray Patterson
Rae-Ellen Alarie
Amanda Laird
Emily McCormack
Lori Kehoe
Amie Chartrand

Ward 5 Athol Councillor Sam Branderhorst
Ramesh Pooran
Jeremy Larter
Nancy Cherwinka
Glen Wallis
Susan Wallis
Stephanie Malka
Carmen MacCallum
Mike Trites
Angela Adams

Ward 6 Sophiasburgh Councillor Bill Roberts
Konrad Doerrbecker
Greer Koutroulides
Michelle Pritchard
Stephanie Waddingham
Michael Farrell
Brian Longwell
Larissa Stout
Peggy Rainville

Ward 7 Hillier Councillor Chris Braney
Owen Moran
Peggy Buris
Jeffrey Connell
Christina Dimitris
Enid Grace
Faye Moxam
Marlene Wilson
David Kelly
Bruno Francois
Brittany Van Haarlem

North Marysburgh
Ward 8 North Marysburgh Councillor David Harrison
Linda McBain
Craig Copper
Terry Murdoch
Patricia Gamble
Ellen Snider
Karl Svoboda
Linda Thurston
Julie Jones

South Marysburgh
Ward 9 South Marysburgh Councillor John Hirsch
Bruce Dowdell
Paulina Szlachta
Janna McCarthy
Greg Walker
Brian Sword
Kathy Empringham
Stephan Empringham
Monica Alyea
Craig McMillan

If you have any questions about the Recreation Ward Committees, contact the Clerk’s Office at or call 613.476.2148 ext. 1020.