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Commemorative Street Name List

The County has developed a Commemorative Street Name List that developers, and Council (if applicable) will choose from when naming streets.

Submissions for street names closed on October 30, 2023 with a total of 265 submissions!

The Street Naming Task team reviewed every submission and conducted the necessary research to validate cultural relevance to Prince Edward County. We sincerely thank the Street Naming Task Team.

The list was presented to the Built & Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee for their review on February 7, 2024. The final list of Commemorative Street Names was approved by Council on February 13, 2024. Please see report CLS-02-2024 for further details.

Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions for possible street names. The County is not currently accepting new submissions, however, if you would like to submit a name for future consideration, please contact the Clerk’s Office at

Next Steps

  1. The Street Naming Task Team will review every submission and conduct necessary research to validate the cultural relevance to Prince Edward County.
  2.  The Built and Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee will review the Street Naming Task Team’s draft Commemorative Street Name List.
  3. Early 2024 – Council to ratify the Commemorative Street Name List

Background Information

Submissions that will be approved for the Commemorative Street Naming Reserve List will fall into at least one of the following categories:

County resident who has served in the Canadian Armed Forces or who has lost their life in public service.

Local individuals/families who made a significant social, political or cultural contribution to the County.

Commemorating local Indigenous persons, organizations, places, events or culture.

Historical significance at a regional, provincial or national level. Priority shall be given to themes with local significance.

Recognizing local native wildlife, flora, fauna or natural features.

Proposed street names with the following characteristics will be discouraged for approval:

  • Discriminatory, racist, or derogatory names
  • Names of individuals known for discriminatory behaviour and/or beliefs
  • Names seen as advertising for a business or for commercial purposes
  • Names with undesirable definitions or those pronounced or spelled similar to those with undesirable definitions (including names with sexual overtones, inappropriate humour and slang)
  • Names already assigned to existing streets and park facilities in the County, or names with similar spelling or pronunciation to an exisiting street name