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Information for Registered Third Party Advertisers

What is third party advertising?

A third party advertiser is any individual, corporation or trade union that causes an election campaign advertisement to appear. A third party advertiser is required to register with the City Clerk of the municipality where they want to advertise before spending any money, accepting contributions or beginning advertising.

Unofficial List of Candidates and Third Party Advertisers

Nominations for offices are now open and being received. Candidates who have filed their nomination paperwork will appear during the nomination period between May 2, 2022 and August 19, 2022 (at 2pm). Following the close of the nomination period, the Clerk will review all nominations and prepare a certified list of candidates, and declare any candidates acclaimed, if necessary. This list also includes third-party advertisers who can register up to Friday, October 21, 2022, at 4:30 pm.

View the Unofficial List of Candidates and Third Parties

Becoming a registered third party advertiser

Ontario residents, corporations and trade unions that will incur expenses for advertisements related to the promotion, support or opposition of a candidate, in any broadcast, print, electronic, or other medium must register as a third party advertiser. They can begin filing their Notice of Registration on Monday, May 2, 2022 and ends at 4:30 pm on Friday, October 21, 2022. 

Who can register as a third party advertiser?

Only the following persons and entities are eligible to file a notice of registration:

  • An individual who is normally a resident in Ontario.
  • A corporation that carries on business in Ontario.
  • A trade union that holds bargaining rights for employees in Ontario.

Who cannot register as a third party advertiser?

Persons and entities that are not eligible to file a notice of registration include:

  • A candidate whose nomination has been filed to run in the 2022 municipal election, under section 33 of the Municipal Elections Act.
  • A federal political party registered under the Canada Elections Act (Canada) or any federal constituency association or registered candidate at a federal election endorsed by that party.
  • A provincial political party, constituency association, registered candidate or leadership contestant registered under the Election Finances Act.
  • The Crown in right of Canada or Ontario, a municipality or local board.
  • A group, association or business that is not a corporation.
  • A registered third party advertiser who failed to file the necessary financial statement or exceeded any of the spending limits in the last municipal election or by-election or failed to provide their surplus to the Clerk in the last municipal election or by-election.

Registration information:

  • An individual, corporation or trade union may register as a third party advertiser by filing a Notice of Registration during regular office hours, beginning Monday, May 2, 2022 at 8:30 am. The Notice of Registration may not be faxed, mailed or emailed, as an original signature is required.
  • The individual filing the Notice of Registration will be required to present proof of identity.

Documents needed for registration:

  • A completed copy of the notice of registration.
  • A declaration of qualification signed by the individual or by a representative of the corporation or trade union, as the case may be.
  • Acceptable identification showing your name, address with your Ontario residence and signature.
  • Agent authorization letter (if agent is filing on behalf of third party)

Notices of Registration are public documents and are available for inspection in the Clerk’s Office.

Registration period:

  • Notices of Registration may be filed during regular office hours at the Elections Office as of Monday, May 2, 2022, at 8:30 am.
  • The deadline for an individual, corporation or trade union to submit a Notice of Registration is Friday, October 21, 2022, at 4:30 pm.

Registered Third Party finances:

An individual, corporation, or trade union cannot raise or spend any money on third party advertisements that will appear during an election in The County until they have registered as a third party and opened a bank account exclusively for the purposes of the election campaign.

Registered third party advertisers are responsible for keeping records of the financial activities related to their campaign and are required to keep these records until October 26, 2026 when the next council or school board takes office.

Third party advertisements:


Third Party Advertisements may only be placed after the third party advertiser has registered with the Clerk and ends at the close of voting on Voting Day – 8:00 p.m.

Mandatory Information

All advertisements placed must include the following information:

  • The name of the registered third party advertiser;
  • The municipality where the third party advertiser is registered;
  • A telephone number, mailing address or email address at which the third party advertiser; may be contacted regarding the advertisement.

Mandatory information for broadcasters and publishers:

Registered third party advertisers must provide the following information to the broadcaster or publisher in writing:

  1. The name of the registered third party.
  2. The name, business address and telephone number of the individual who deals with the broadcaster or publisher under the direction of the registered third party.
  3. The municipality where the registered third party is registered.

Broadcasters and publishers are prohibited from running a third party advertisement unless the above-noted information is provided.

The broadcaster or publisher of a third party advertisement is required to retain the following information for a period of four years after the date the advertisement appears:

  • The mandatory information that is required for broadcasters and publishers (the name of the registered third party; the municipality where they are registered; and the contact information for the person who deals with the broadcaster or publisher);
  • A copy of the advertisement, or the means of reproducing it for inspection; and
  • A statement of the charge made for its appearance.

The broadcaster or publisher must also permit the public to inspect these records during normal business hours.

Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee:

The County of Prince Edward has formed a Joint Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee with neighboring municipalities and boards as required under the Municipal Elections Act. The participating municipalities and boards in the Joint Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee are the City of Belleville, City of Quinte West, the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board and the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School. 

The Joint Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee is a public process and the Committee is responsible for reviewing compliance audit applications submitted by an elector who believes on reasonable grounds that a candidate or third-party advertiser has contravened the provisions of the Municipal Elections Act relating to campaign or advertising finances.

Find out about the Municipal Election Joint Compliance Audit Committee.

Forms & Resources

These Procedures outline all election processes, including the Use of Vote Tabulators & Internet Voting.

2022 Municipal Election Procedures

A checklist to ensure that all required forms and pieces are provided when filing a Notice of Registration (Third Party Advertiser)

Checklist for what Third Party Advertiser needs to file a Notice of Registration

This guide provides information to those who want to register as third party advertisers for the 2022 municipal council and school board elections. The information also applies to any by-elections that may be held during the 2022-2026 council and school board term.

Third Party Advertisers’ Guide

To be completed by an individual, corporation or trade union that wishes to incur expenses for a question on a municipal ballot. Must be filed with the municipal clerk.

How to open e-fillable PDF Forms

Form 7 – Notice of Registration – Third Party (e-fillable)

Form 7 – Notice of Registration – Third Party (Printable)

To be completed if a third party advertiser wishes to use an agent to file their registration. 

Form EL105- Authorization for Agent to File Registration – Third Party

Need more information?

Questions about the municipal election can be directed to the Clerk’s Office:

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613-476-2148 ext. 1021 or 1026