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Picton Harbour Vision

Developing a Vision for the Picton Harbour

Picton Harbour has long been considered a key asset for Prince Edward County – attracting boating, fishing and sailing tourism and providing the quality of life and amenities that have attracted many residents to the County.

Despite the potential for increased community and economic benefit, there has been little in the way of strategic development efforts in this area.

Picton Harbour

It is for this reason the Community Services, Programs and Initiatives Department formed and tasked a Picton Harbour Development Sub-committee to develop A Vision for the Picton Harbour Picton Harbour Vision Report.

This vision report is meant to serve as a means of engaging stakeholders, identifying land needs and best uses, determining feasibility and priority of proposed infrastructure and amenities, and providing a foundation from which to aide the private sector and other interest in the development of the harbour lands.

Through the future development of Picton Harbour, the County has an opportunity to address a number of challenges it is facing, including but not limited to:

  • Downtown viability and support for small business
  • Tourism and visitor amenities in an area not previously addressed
  • Improved amenities for residents, visitors as well as watercraft users
  • Development of varied housing in the Picton settlement area
  • Creation of new business opportunities/jobs