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Public Transit Plan

County Transit Bus

The County and the County Foundation in collaboration with the Prince Edward County Transportation Project Steering Committee (Vital Signs Getting Around Group) have been working closely to develop an integrated plan to expand public transportation in Prince Edward County. 

The need to expand transit service to all residents of The County has been an increasing concern. The 2013 County Foundation Vital Signs Report, updated in 2015, established that living independently and with dignity in The County is impossible without reasonable access to transportation. Transportation is the enabler for obtaining fresh food, learning and employment, and for staying connected socially and involved in the life of the community. Transportation barriers adversely affect not only individuals, but also Prince Edward County employers, retailers, and providers of services of all types that rely on the physical presence of the employee or client.

In reaction to this need, the County Foundation – a community organization in The County – worked with The County to form the “Getting Around” working group. The purpose of the working group was to develop a cost-effective transit service plan and implementation plan for The County to meet mobility needs of residents, employees, and visitors.

Public Transit Plan and Business Case

A five-year service plan is recommended that will enhance mobility options for residents, employers, and visitors. The guiding principles used to develop this service include:

  • Provide mobility options to all residents of The County, including options to make local trips within The County;
  • Improve connections to seasonal employment opportunities in The County to bolster the growing tourism industry;
  • Make use of existing transportation resources and seek partnerships with key stakeholders to improve the service;
  • Provide a sustainable and cost effective service in line with other rural communities in the County’s peer group; and,
  • Build on the service incrementally, monitoring response in demand before growing further.‌


Stage 1: Organization and Exploration — May 2017

  • Public Transit Infrastructure Grant awarded to The County to produce a five-year transportation plan and business case
  • Prince Edward County Transportation Project Steering Committee (Vital Signs Getting Around Group) formed
  • Consultant hired to complete plan and business case

Stage 2: Inventory Data Collection and Public Input — June 2017-April 2018

  • Research, asset and inventory compilation, stakeholder interviews etc.
  • Finalization of draft public transit plan and business case
  • Public Input – Two public open houses held April 19, 2018 to present the draft plan and business case   

Download Slides from Open House for Public Transportation Plan and Business Case 

Stage 3: Planning and Prioritization — May 2018

Stage 4: Implementation and Monitoring — 2019-2023