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Tourism Management


Tourism management planning helps the municipality to manage summer visitor traffic, reduce overcrowding, manage excessive waste and discourage illegal parking. The plan also promotes cleaning of public washrooms, and improvements to picnic and playground areas, as well as municipal boat launches. It is created in partnership with provincial and regional partners, including Ontario Parks, Quinte Conservation, Canadian Wildlife Service and the Ontario Provincial Police.

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Strategic Alignment:

This topic aligns with the following pillars of the Corporate Strategic Plan:

Stable and Diversified Economy: Managing tourism helps balance the needs of the tourism industry and the needs of the residents, mitigating the impact of tourism on residents and infrastructure.

Livable Community: Managing tourism also helps foster an affordable, healthy, livable community for all.

Background information:

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Have Your Say

Read background information on the Tourism Management Plan projects on Have Your Say.

2022 Tourism Management Plan:

The municipality adopted an updated Tourism Management Plan for the 2022 season. Highlights include:

  • 7-day/week admission fees for non-residents at the Wellington Rotary Beach in July and August
  • Updates to the parking by-law including the introduction of a parking permit that would exempt residents from parking fines in designated parking spaces on County Road 20 (Huyck’s Point Road) and Bakker Road
  • Continuing enhanced washroom and garbage maintenance with improved signage and visibility of washrooms
  • Continued paid parking program at municipal boat launches, with revenues invested in delayed maintenance of launches and installation of paddle docks at Glendon Green and Weller’s Bay launches
  • Continuation of the sidewalk patio by-law, with fees waived for 2022
  • Offering online County Ambassador Training program, which will launch in May 2022
Residents can find information about summer amenities and how to navigate the summer season on the Summer Hub, updated each May.
Tourism Management Plan 2022

The full Tourism Management Plan for the 2022 season, as approved by Council.

Tourism Management Plan 2021 - Results

A report on the actions and outcomes of the 2021 Tourism Management Plan.

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