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Plans & Strategies

Corporate Strategic Plan

The Corporate Strategic Plan guides the work of staff and the decisions of Council. In January 2020, Council approved a renewed set of corporate strategic priorities and a strategy to engage Prince Edward County residents and businesses.

Visit the Corporate Strategic Plan page for more information about the current priorities.

Official Plan

An Official Plan describes policies on how land in the community should be used. It is prepared with input from the public and helps to ensure that planning and development meets the community’s needs now and in the future. The County’s Official Plan guides how the municipality will grow and develop over the next 25 years. 

Learn more about The County’s Official Plan here.

Other Strategies and Plans

Community Safety and Well-being Plan 2022-2025

Community Safety and Well-being Plan 2022-2025

This plan provides a broad overview of The County’s safety and well-being goals.

The plan organizes the community goals into five priority areas with broad objectives: seniors support, housing and homelessness, mental health and problematic substance use, domestic violence and intimate partner violence, and poverty reduction.

Each priority area includes in-depth data and contextual information to inform the recommendations. The plan includes a description of the recommended strategies and approach in each priority area.

Date Published: September 2022
Status: In progress
Municipal Contact: Community Services, Programs and Initiatives, / 613.476.2148 extension 2501

Prince Edward County Housing Plan 2023 to 2028

Prince Edward County Housing Plan 2023 to 2028

The inaugural Housing and Homelessness Plan provides goals and direction for the next five years for the work of Prince Edward County and its housing partners. The goals of the plan are to ensure all County residents have safe, appropriate and affordable housing choices and to provide an immediate and coordinated response to homelessness. This plan is a living document written in the context of the current federal National Housing Strategy.

This plan will meet County residents’ needs through appropriate and effective housing and service models while reducing human and financial pressures on service systems when the resources are directed to symptoms rather than solutions.

Date Published: May 2023 
Status: In progress
Municipal Contact: Ellis Ziegler, / 613.476.2148 extension 1529

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (2022-2026)

Prince Edward County’s Accessibility Plan is designed to complement and to be an extension of past plans and other policies and procedures. The plan includes strategies that will help make the County more accessible to all its residents and visitors and ensure compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Date Published: 2022
Status: Active
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Municipal Contact: Clerk’s Office: clerks@pecounty.on. ca / 613.476.2148 extension 1026


Transportation Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan is a flexible, living document that establishes the vision for transportation across the County by first assessing the existing transportation network and performance, forecasting future demand and then developing actions and policies to address the County needs with respect to active transportation, transit and road infrastructure and services. 

Date Published: 2021
Status: Active
Related content: Cycling Master Plan
Municipal Contact: Development Services: jshortt@pecounty.on. ca / 613.476.2148 extension 1007


Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

This plan aims to improve the management of the Corporation’s energy consumption. The plan provides all corporate departments with a roadmap and a forum to ensure energy management is a consideration in all operations and facility-based decisions.

The Corporation strives to continually reduce its total energy consumption and associated greenhouse gases (GHGs) through wise and efficient use of energy and resources, while still maintaining an efficient and effective level of service for our clients and the general public. This will involve a collaborative effort to increase the education, awareness and understanding of energy management within the municipality.

Each year, the Corporation prepares an energy consumption report as part of the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan. View the reports:

2011 Energy Consumption Report

2012 Energy Consumption Report

2013 Energy Consumption Report

2014 Energy Consumption Report

2015 Energy Consumption Report

2016 Energy Consumption Report

2017 Energy Consumption Report

2018 Energy Consumption Report

2019 Energy Consumption Report

2020 Energy Consumption Report

Date Published: June 2023
Status: In progress
Municipal Contact: Corporate and Legislative Services, / 613.476.2148 extension 1005

Tourism Management Plan (2023)

 Tourism Management Plan 2023

The annual Tourism Management Plan is a workplan that outlines municipal services and initiatives that help ensure a successful summer tourism season for residents, businesses and visitors.

The 2023 Tourism Management Plan focuses on three objectives:

  • Ensuring the community’s needs are being met during peak summer months by reviewing and revising summer service levels and operating procedures on an annual basis.
  • Addressing community pain points related to the peak summer tourism season by monitoring, studying and recommending workplan items to address these issues for long-term summer success.
  • Leveraging Prince Edward County’s popularity as a tourism destination to capitalize on tourism-related opportunities for the community through tools such as the Municipal Accommodations Tax, and other fees and charges paid by visitors.

Date Published: March 2023
Status: Active
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Municipal Contact: Kim Koster, / 613.476.2148 

Wayfinding Signage Plan

Wayfinding Signage Plan

The Wayfinding Signage Plan was developed to align signage with The County’s visual brand and create consistency for all signage across The County. The plan attempts to simplify the wayfinding experience and, thereby, improving visitor experience.

Date Published: November 2017
Status: In progress
Municipal Contact: Julianne Snepsts, Programs Supervisor / 613.476.2148 extension 1008

Public Art Plan

In July 2023, County Council approved a staff recommendation that the municipality develop a public art plan to inform the future public art policy for Prince Edward County. The Prince Edward County Arts Council is leading the development of this plan with support from municipal staff. The project includes significant public consultation. Visit the municipality’s public engagement platform to learn more and get involved. 

While the public art plan is under development, Council has instituted a temporary moratorium on permanent public art installations on municipal property.

However, the municipality does allow for temporary public art installations. Council has adopted procedures to govern requests for temporary public art installations until a public art plan is adopted.  The guideline and application form can be found by following this link:

Temporary Public Art Installations on or in Municipal Spaces Application Guideline and Form 

Date Published: May 2024 (Temporary Public Art Installation Application Form)
Status: In progress
Municipal Contact: Jane Vader, Bookings Representative, Recreation and Community Facilities / 613.476.2148 extension 5003