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Picton Town Hill Intersection Improvements Study


The County is completing an Environmental Assessment (EA) study for improvements to the Picton Town Hill intersection. The study will evaluate all reasonable alternatives to improve the operation, safety and capacity of the existing intersection.

The municipality has retained BT Engineering Inc. to assist with this project.

Budget Information:

  • Budget year: 2022
  • Total cost: $111,128

Project Status:


The study will begin Spring 2023 and it is anticipated to conclude late Summer or early Fall 2023.

Background Information:

Project Details:

The challenges with the Picton Town Hill intersection are well-known. The Transportation Master Plan (TMP), completed in 2021, considered a broad range of alternatives to address the safety and operational concerns at the intersection. The TMP proposed signalizing the intersection but recommended further analysis. The EA study will review the TMP recommendations and incorporate additional public consultation.

This study will look at potential long-term upgrades and expand on the short-term actions recently completed. Those improvements include the installation of a new cantilever sign, updated line painting and pavement markings, and replacement of a retaining wall on Bridge Street.

The previous term of Council approved in 2022 the capital budget for this study. 

Public consultation

The public consultation process is vital to this study. The County wants to ensure that anyone with interest in the project has the opportunity to provide input.

The County hosted a public consultation centre (PCC) on Thursday, May 18. Click here to view the information that was on display at the PCC.

The County hosted a second PCC on Wednesday, October 4. Click here to view the information that was on display at the PCC

There is an opportunity at any time during the Class EA process for interested persons to provide comments. Early identification of individual and group concerns greatly aids in addressing these concerns. All information will be collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (2009). With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record. Persons will be advised of future communication opportunities by electronic notice in addition to newspaper public notices.

Long-term plan

Following the completion of the EA, the County will explore funding opportunities through the Ministry of Transportation’s Connecting Links program. The municipality will consider a construction project to present to Council in future budget years.Firda

Staff Contact

Jeff Shortt
Project Manager, Engineering Division, Department of Development Services

Phone: 613.476.2148 ext. 1007
Fax: 613.471-2050