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Wellington Rotary Beach Revitalization

Project Overview:

The purpose of this project was to bring together stakeholders and community members to provide input on preliminary designs that will improve the design, look, feel of Wellington Rotary Beach. 


Budget information:

  • Budget year: 2022
  • Total cost: $15,000 for preliminary design phase, funded through the Community and Economic Development Commission budget.

Project Status:

Preliminary designs were developed reflecting the needs/wants of the community. An application to the Natural Infrastructure Fund was submitted to seek funding for a technical implementation plan based on the work of the task team. 

Project Details:

At the request of Council and the Community and Economic Development Commission (CEDC), the Wellington Waterfront Task Team was formed in Spring 2022 to support the development of a revitalization plan for Wellington Beach. The objective of the project is to address the identified challenges, such as parking, pedestrian access, accessibility, outdated amenities and more. The Task Team includes: 

  • Mike Harper (Councillor, Wellington Ward) 
  • Lesley Lavender (CEDC)
  • Councillor Janice Maynard (CEDC)
  • Phyo Kyi (Rotary Club of Wellington) 
  • John Inwood (Rotary Club of Wellington) 
  • Jennifer Armstrong (Citizen Member)
  • Corey Engelsdorfer (Citizen Member)
  • Dan Leeming (Citizen Member) 

A landscape architect firm was retained by the municipality in early 2022 to lead a design workshop in May 2022. The design workshop resulted in three preliminary designs – tweak, big move, and naturalize. The three concepts were taken to the public via open house, online survey and intercept interviews to provide input and feedback on what they liked / disliked about each concept. The preliminary designs have formed the basis for a longer-term plan which will then be used to seek funding for capital projects and beach improvements. 

The final report from the task team was presented to the CEDC on September 19, 2022. This project was supported by the Wellington Waterfront Task Team.

Staff Contact

Ashley Stewart
Community Services and Program Coordinator

Phone: 613.476.2148 ext. 2508
Fax: 613.476-8356