31 Jan

Council passes 2020 County budgets

Picton, ON – Council approved today the 2020 municipal budget that will result in an increase of $15.30 per $100,000 of assessment.

The 2020 budget includes a substantial investment in road infrastructure – a new capital roads levy ($1.53 million) – and continues with the levy for the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital redevelopment ($372,001).

“With the 2020 budget, we aimed to find operational savings without impacting service delivery,” says Mayor Steve Ferguson. “We are in a position to make strategic investments in our capital reserves while we continue to offer high quality service to residents and businesses. We look forward to continuing the conversation this spring on how best to address our road needs County-wide and find further efficiencies by examining the way we deliver services.”

Council approved an overall 2020 tax-supported operating budget of $59.0 million and the capital budget of $11.5 million. The municipality will raise $40.3 million in property taxes to fund the portion of the operating budget not covered by other revenues sources such as grants and fees. The 2020 net operating budget is $1.8 million more than 2019 (4.7 per cent increase).

On a home assessed at $300,000, a property owner will pay an additional $45.90 per year or $3.83 per month.

Council also passed the rate-supported operating budget for water and wastewater services of $8.6 million and the rate-supported capital budget of $22.8 million. Water and wastewater rates will not go up as a result of the 2020 budgets and will continue to follow the rate schedule set by Council in 2017. The municipality will undertake a study in 2020 in order to inform the development of a new rate structure for 2021.

Other highlights of the 2020 budgets include:

• $1.1 million for major underground infrastructure renewal and road reconstruction on Elk Street in Picton, with funding from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund. Design work for the project will take place in 2020 with construction slated for 2021.
• $16.6 million for underground water and sanitary work in Wellington.
• $530,000 for two new snowplow vehicles to support winter maintenance.
• $1.1 million towards the County’s road surface treatment program.

During the first night of budget deliberations, Council approved funding to support the Kingston General Hospital redevelopment, food insecurity, and the County Seniors Centre program. Read more here: www.thecounty.ca/news--notices/countys-budget-deliberations-get-underway.php 

The final budget documents will be posted on the County website next week. Slides from the budget presentations are posted online.

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