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Burn Permit

To have a fire in Prince Edward County, you must hold a current permit and activate it every day that you are burning. The types of fires permitted under the municipal by-law include brush piles, burn barrels, outdoor fireplaces/chimineas, and campfires. You do not require a burn permit for an outdoor furnace (to heat a building) or a propane-fueled fire pit.

All burn permits must be purchased through PEC Burn Permits.

Purchasing a New Burn Permit


Burn permits are available for purchase through the online PEC Burn Permits system. Permits are valid from date of issue to December 31 of the year issued and cost $25. 

Watch this video to learn more about using the new online burn permit system

Call 1.833.376.1011 to activate your burn permit. You will be prompted to activate your permit using the telephone number associated with the burn permit account. You can also activate your burn permit online by logging into your burn permit account.

Watch this video to learn more about activating your burn permit online


For those who cannot use the online burn permit system, permits can be purchased in person at Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue Administrative Office, Station 1, Picton – 8 McDonald Drive, Picton. 


Print off and fill out a burn permit application and include a cheque for $25 for each property (if there is more than one) made out to the County of Prince Edward.

Mail the application and cheque to: Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue Administrative Office, 8 McDonald Drive, Picton, ON K0K 2T0

Purchasing a New Burn Permit for Multiple Properties

One burn permit is required for up to 6 properties (including the residence) of farm properties onlyIf you own more than one property, you will have to purchase a burning permit for each.

When you create your burn permit account using the online system, add all of your property addresses to your account and then create your permit. When you go online or call to activate your permit, you must indicate the property where the burn will take place. 

Purchasing a New Burn Permit for Short-term Accommodations

Short-term accommodation (STA) owners/operators are responsible for obtaining a burn permit for their property and explaining the permit system to their guests. A copy of the burn permit along with instructions for activating the permit must be posted in all STAs. Guests must activate the burn permit before every fire using the 10-digit property identifier listed on the permit.

Visit PEC Burn Permits online system to purchase a burn permit for your STA.

Owners of multiple STAs must purchase a permit for each property that they operate as a rental.

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing and activating a burn permit does not excuse any actions that are contrary to By-law 77-2021 and may result in a fine if all provisions are not being carried out. The owner of the property is ultimately responsible for any and all costs.

Ensure you have read all the conditions, prohibitions, and enforcement terms and provisions of Burn Permit By-law 77-2021.

Read this document for safety tips and things to remember when you have a fire

For more information or if you have questions not answer below, email or call 613.476.2345.

Only registered property owners and tenants who have obtained written permission from the property owner.

You can burn firewood, brush, leaves, paper/cardboard. and lumber that has not been painted or treated. Burning of garbage is not permitted. 

Yes. All outdoor fires require a permitt. This includes chimineas, campfires, burn barrels/incinerators, and brush piles. Review the Burn Permit By-law 77-2021 to ensure that the intended location of your fire conforms to the required distances from structures, property lines, and forests.

You do not require a burn permit for an outdoor furnace (to heat a building) or a natural gas or propane fueled fire pit.  All natural and propane fuel-fired appliances are not subject to the by-law and may be used year-round and during a burn ban.

Yes, and you must obtain written permission from the owner. Your burn permit and letter of permission must be available at all times.

When you create your burn permit account and add your address select “I/We rent this property” option and provide the email address of your property owner. The property owner will be emailed notifying them of your intent to purchase a burn permit. They will have the option to allow or deny your purchase.

The intended location of your fire must meet the distance requirements from all structures, property lines, and forests as per By-law 77-2021.

No. To submit your payment click the gold “Make Payment Button” and then click the grey “Pay with a credit or Visa debit card” button.

If your address is a numbered municipal road such as 123 County Road 1, enter your street address as:

  • 123 Prince Edward County Rd 1
  • Followed by your town, province and postal code.

If your street address is on located on Loyalist Parkway or Highway 62, please use your mailing address.

OUTDOOR FIREPLACE/CHIMINEA: Must be 3 metres from any building forest or woodland and 5 metres from all property lines.

CAMPFIRE, BURN BARREL/INCINERATOR: Must be 8 metres from any building, forest, or woodland and 5 metres from all property lines.

BRUSH PILE FIRE: Must be 25 metres away from any building, combustible structure, overhead wires and located 5 meters from all property lines.

Campfire: 110 cm (43 inches) diameter x 66 cm (26 inches) height

Farm brush fire: 8 m x 8 m x 8 m (26 feet)

Residential brush fire: 3 m x 3 m x 3 m (10 feet)