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Accommodation Options & Prices

The Maximum amount that a Resident can be charged under paragraph 1 or 2, subsection 91 (1) of the Long Term Care Homes Act, 2007 is subject to change according to Provincial mandates, and is currently as follows:

Long Term Care Resident Co-payment Rates

*Basic Accommodation

Daily: $62.18

Monthly: $1891.31

Semi-Private Accommodation

Daily: $69.40

Monthly: $2150.46

Private Accommodation

Daily: $81.35

Monthly: $2,474.40

* All Residents are obligated to pay the basic accommodation fee and will not be charged for an amount greater than the basic accommodation fee unless they have applied for and agreed to preferred accommodation, in which case they will not be charged any more than the maximums for semi-private or private accommodation for whichever type of preferred accommodation they have agreed to.

Applications for change of accommodation type can be completed at the Home’s administrative office, where requests will be placed on an internal wait list.

Rate Reductions

A Resident in basic accommodation may apply for a rate reduction based on affordability and income. To apply for a rate reduction, an application is available at the Home and will be submitted to the Director of Long Term Care by the Home.

Steps to take when seeking a rate reduction:

  1. Complete the application with the Financial Officer of the Home.
  2. Provide your “Notice of Assessment” issued under the Income Tax Act for the most recent taxation year and any other applicable information required.
  3. The Financial Officer will submit the application to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
  4. The Financial Officer will retain a copy of the application, and once approved, will be billed accordingly.
  5. Residents will be left with a minimum comfort allowance of $146.00/mth.