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We welcome the involvement of residents’ families at the H.J. McFarland Memorial Home.


Visiting hours are from 9 am to 9 pm. While the doors of the Home are locked at 9 pm, residents returning after hours will be admitted by ringing the front door bell. It is also advisable to notify the Home by telephone of approximate late arrival time. Visiting hours can be adjusted for compassionate reasons.

Free parking is available for family members and visitors.

Visitor Sign In

The sign in desk is located at the main entrance to the Home. We require all family members and visitors to sign in when they arrive and sign out when they leave. This record is used for security reasons, allowing us to account for every resident and visitor in the building in the event of an emergency.

Resident/Family Orientation Guide

Family Council

A Family Council aims to improve the quality of life for residents in long-term care (LTC). A Family Council provides opportunities for families to share experiences, exchange information, learn about the LTC system and the tools available to support both families and residents. 

Please contact the H.J. McFarland Family Council to find out more about what the Family Council does and how the organization can help you and your loved ones. Email

Activity Pro Family Portal Login

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