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Resident Centered Care

The comfort of our residents is very important to us so a number of services are provided and available at the Home. A full list of health care and other services can be found below, as well as our information for submitting a comment or complaint.

Medical Care

We have a multi-disciplinary team in place to provide residents with the best care possible. In addition to our administrative team, our professional staff includes:


The Home retains the services of a Medical Director, who is a qualified physician, and provides medical care to Residents.

Residents sometimes may have medical appointments outside the Home. It is the expectation that the family, or Substitute Decision Maker, will accompany the Resident to the appointment, as necessary. Transportation is the responsibility of the Resident/family; however Registered Nursing staff will assist you to make alternative transportation plans when you are unable to travel easily by regular family vehicle. The cost of transportation is at the Resident’s expense.

Nursing Care

Registered staff are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Registered Nursing staff are responsible for assessing residents, planning their care, providing necessary medical treatments, medication administration, and evaluating the effectiveness of care and treatments. Direct care, that encompasses all aspects of daily living that residents require, is provided by Personal Support Workers (PSW).

Secured Unit

The secured unit has been designed to address the special needs of our residents. We strive to maintain a home-like environment that is reflective of our resident population. We have a secured garden for residents’ enjoyment. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment, quality care, and support to residents. Trained staff provide resident care in a multidisciplinary team approach. There are also specific activation programs designed for this unit.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services are contracted and they provide medications, subject to normal dispensing fees and physicians order. A Pharmacist routinely visits The Home to ensure that medications are being delivered in the safest possible way. The Pharmacist also reviews residents medication profile upon admission to the Home and then annually thereafter. A Pharmacist is also available for consultation as required.

Dietary Services

A qualified, Nutrition Supervisor is employed to oversee the food and nutrition department. We employ a Cook, as well as Food Services Workers. The Dietary Department ensures that food products are handled and stored in a safe manner and all legislated requirements are followed in the preparation and delivery of meals and snacks. The Home also employs a consulting dietician.

On admission, a nutritional assessment is completed for each resident denoting any specialized diet, likes, dislikes, and/or assistive devices required. Nutritional assessments are completed every three months or sooner, if required. Residents are encouraged to participate in menu planning through the Residents’ Council and menu surveys.

Environmental Services

Our buildings are sanitary, safe and comfortable. Housekeeping services, including laundry and maintenance, are provided by staff who respect our residents’ right to privacy, who are committed to providing a clean and safe home-like environment.

Volunteer Programs

The Volunteer Programs are recognized for their special contribution to the quality of resident’s life. The program is designed to respond to resident’s identified strengths, needs, and wishes. Residents, staff, family members, students, service clubs, and other community groups are encouraged to participate as volunteers

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy services are available for each resident as required on an ongoing basis and are provided by a contracted service provider. The physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistants will support residents to maintain or regain strength, balance, coordination, and mobility. They offer individual and group programs. Consent for physiotherapy services is required.

Overview of Services and Prices

At H.J. McFarland,  we like to provide our residents with many on-site services for their comfort and ease of convenience. The following list shows the services we provide:

Hair Care

  • Barber services – Barber’s cost
  • Hairdressing Services – Hairdresser’s cost
    • Set
    • Shampoo/Set
    • Shampoo/Set/Conditioner
    • Haircut
    • Perm
    • Hair Colour
    • Weekly colour rinse


  • Cable Service – $32.00/mth plus HST
  • Telephone Service – arranged through Bell Canada
  • Newspaper subscriptions – Subscription cost


  • ODB Medications – through Medical Pharmacies – Dispensing fee cost
  • Non-prescription drugs –  Prescription cost
  • Non ODB covered drugs – Prescription cost

Staff Accompaniment to Appointments

(based on staff availability, lack of family/other assistance & resident condition/need)

  • Minimum of 4 hours – $100.00
  • Subsequent hours – $25.00/hr

Clothing Care

  • Major alterations/sewing/mending –  $25.00/hr (pro-rated for times less than 1 hour)
  • Dry Cleaning – business cost


  • Taxi Fare- subject to normal fares

Quinte Access Bus

To apply: 613.476.1159
For current rates: 1.855.283.9640


In House Dental Services – contracted to provide dental services to Residents but Residents retain the right to choose an alternate provider if they wish.

Mobility Equipment

Personal Mobility Equipment is available at several local vendors for purchase, maintenance, and repair.

Residents may purchase care, services, programs or goods from providers and businesses, subject to the approval of the Home where those purchases might impact Resident Care or safety.

The Home also may not charge the Resident for any costs beyond the agreed to accommodation cost unless for goods/products/services that are not included in the accommodation cost and which the Resident/Substitute Decision Maker has expressly consented to.

We Care What You Think

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding H.J McFarland and the care of our residents you can share it with us by contacting our Executive Director.

Any person wishing to lodge a complaint or concern regarding the operation of H. J. McFarland Memorial Home is encouraged to do so.

A verbal complaint can be lodged with the Executive Director, or other member of the Management Team, in person or by telephone.

A written letter of complaint can be sent to the Executive Director, who will forward it to the Director, Performance Improvement and Compliance Branch, MOHLTC.

A complaint or concern can also be lodged and placed in the Administration mail box. A copy will be forwarded to the Director, Performance Improvement and Compliance Branch, MOHLTC.

Complaints can also be lodged directly with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care by calling 1.866.434.0144. Their hours of service are 8:30am to 7:00pm daily.

The Home is committed to providing you a response within 10 business days.

Privacy and Your Assessment