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Wellington Heritage Museum

Wellington Heritage Museum is located in the heart of the village of Wellington. It was built in 1885 as a Quaker Meeting House and now features exhibits on local history, as well as a beautiful heritage garden, and work of contemporary sculpture by Philippe Pallafray.

Our 2024 feature exhibit explores “The Loyalist Era”. 

The Loyalist story is well known in Prince Edward County. Thousands of County residents claim Loyalist roots, descendants of the first white settlers to arrive in what is now Ontario after the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). It is a story of great hardship, but also resilience and ambition – traits the Loyalists exhibited when they were forced from their homes in the new United States. However, the Loyalist experience was not universal, and there were many non-Loyalist people living in (and migrating to) Prince Edward County at that time.
This exhibit will explore the diversity of experiences had by residents of Prince Edward County in the “Loyalist Era”, and the ways in which that period of settlement impacted the development of the County into the place we recognize today.

Wellington Heritage Museum is a bicycle friendly site.

Wellington Heritage Museum welcomes:

Bus Tours

Schools Visits



Friends of the Museum's Heritage Garden Project

The Friends have worked tirelessly to transform the empty lawn behind the museum into a beautiful garden featuring heritage plantings, fully accessible walkways, bench seating, and a stage area. It also features a significant piece of public art, which is the focal point of the garden, positioned prominently at its north end.

Phase one, which included the walkways, stage area, and bench pads was completed late in 2017, and phase two, which saw the sculpture installed and thousands of bulbs planted, was completed through the summer of 2018. The Friends hope that the garden will generate further interest in the museum, and will become a cultural hub for the village. The garden will be home to musical and theatrical performances; it will be a venue for art exhibitions, classes, talks, and history-based programs; and it can also host festivals, wine tastings and food-related activities. Alongside all these opportunities for activity, the garden will also provide a place for quiet contemplation, where visitors can find a few moments of peace and enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. All of this will be available to all people, at all times, whether or not the museum is open.

Feel free to contact Jessica Chase at for more information.

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