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Fingerboard Sign Application

The requirements for all new fingerboard sign requests include:

  • The new sign will be a 72” x 8” reflective white on reflective blue sign, with a ½“ white reflective border. The County will erect the new signs at a cost of $200 + HST per sign, for each sign at any and all locations. 
  • There will then be an annual maintenance fee of $75.00 + HST per sign starting in the next fiscal year.
  • The County will provide a space for a logo. Applicants will have a choice of standard logos or symbols to fit the board.  Special designs will be considered at the applicant’s expense, but must be simple to produce and understand.  A logo space and distance information (both provided by the customer) will be on all signs. 
  • The County will decide on the number of signs at all locations prior to approving the request. There will be some intersections / locations where fingerboards are not permitted or restricted.   
  • The County does not have the authority to place fingerboard signs on the provincial highways in the County (Highway 62 and Highway 33 from Bloomfield east end to Glenora Ferry).
  • After approval is provided by the Roads Department, a draft of the sign(s) is provided to the customer. When the customer has signed and returned the agreement form, the customer will be billed for all signs to be installed. 
  • Upon receipt of payment, the signs will be made and installed.  Customer will be billed annually thereafter for the yearly maintenance fees.