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Public Transit in Prince Edward County

Did you know Prince Edward County has a public transit system? You may have seen the County Transit bus driving around Prince Edward County.

County Transit Bus

About County Transit

County Transit offers conventional public transit service that is for and accessible by everyone in addition to specialized service for persons with disabilities and individuals aged 55+

County Transit is a public transit service available to all residents and visitors to Prince Edward County. County Transit is a public service to provide a quick, easy, safe and af-fordable transportation for residents and visitors to Prince Edward County. County Transit is for everyone of all ages and abilities. 

County Transit is provided by Quinte Transit. 

A driving force behind County Transit is the Vital Signs Getting Around Working Group which is coordinated and facilitated by The County Foundation. 

The County’s Specialized Transit system is what it is today because of steadfast efforts of the Prince Edward District Women’s Institute which continues to graciously provide monetary donations from funds raised through their annual craft sale. To learn more about The Women’s Institute’s journey of championing for accessible transportation in Prince Edward County, please see their page here: 

The County Transit bus currently operates Monday to Friday between 6:30am and 6:20pm depending on the route. 

Children are more than welcome to use County Transit unaccompanied as long as they are self sufficient and do not need to be monitored by others on the bus, including the bus driver. 

County Transit is an affordable transportation option. The fares are set based on whether you are an adult, a senior, student or child as well if your trip is Picton to Belleville, Picton to Bloomfield or Intra-City only. Please see the fare structure here.

Exact Cash is accepted on buses as bus drivers don’t make or keep change but if you are a frequent rider, you can purchase a monthly pass when using our Fixed Route Service.

Contact Quinte Transit to arrange for your transit pass purchase:  613-392-9640 or 1-855-283-9640 ; or by email at 

You can pre-pay for a monthly pass and it will be waiting for you on the bus the next time you take the bus (just advise when you purchase when your next trip will be).

You want to go shopping at The Quinte Mall? You can absolutely get there and back us-ing County Transit. Get on the bus at any of our Fixed Route bus stops in Picton or Bloomfield which will finish at the Belleville Bus Terminal (165 Pinnacle Street, Belleville). Just ask the County Transit bus driver for a transfer for Belleville Transit and get on the bus that goes to the Quinte Mall. You can take the bus back to The County the very same way. A great way to get out for the day with your friends! 

Our routes are timed to connect with the Belleville Transit buses, so your wait to transfer will only be a few minutes.

Yes! You can take the County Transit bus to the Belleville bus terminal and take the city bus to the Via Rail station. Alternately, you can call us head of time, and the bus driver may be able to drive you to the train station time permitting. 

If you live outside of town (or in a part of the County that doesn’t have a bus stop,) please give County Transit a call (613-392-9640) to inquire about our Door to Bus Stop Service or about temporary bus stops that may be assigned to your area if there are multiple requests. 

Only working dogs are allowed on buses. Other small pets may be transported in steel/plastic cages which must be locked at all times. 

Quinte Transit are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and always ready to help you navigate the transit system. We want you to be comfortable and confident in your transit journey. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Quinte Transit with any questions about getting around via County Transit. 613-392-9640 or 1-855-283-9640

Are you a business or community agency? You can contact Quinte Transit to arrange a registration day, a transit training event or presentation for your staff, clients or community group. We want our riders to get the most out of their transit experience.

Which County Transit service is right for me?

There are three different types of transit service within County Transit. See the chart below to help determine which best suits your needs. 

Fixed Route Service On-Demand Door to Bus Stop Service Specialized Service (Door to Door)
Open to everyone Open to everyone Any individual aged 55+ and persons with disabilities
See Fare Schedule Call 613.392.9640 to inquire about fare (based on location pick up) Call 613.392.9640 to inquire about fare (based on location pick up)
The fixed route service travels between Picton, Bloomfield and Belleville Monday to Friday.
Making stops in Picton and heading to the Bloomfield Bus Stop right beside the post office and then to the Belleville Bus Terminal. Your County Transit fare includes a transfer to a city of Belleville Bus!
All you need to do is call 613-392-9640 to arrange pick up. Your driveway will be considered a temporary bus-stop. You will be picked up and brought to the nearest bus stop on the route.
Call for pricing.
Any adult aged 55+ or person with a disability can register for this door to door service. Call ahead to book your trip and you will be picked up at your door and dropped up directly at your destination.

Specialized Transit Service

Specialized transit service is available for individuals requiring accessible public transit in Prince Edward County.

Any adult aged 55+ and persons with a disability can register for this door to door service.

This service, contracted through Quinte Access, provides door to door transit services to locations within Prince Edward County and beyond, four days per week (Tuesday through Friday).

Interested applicants must first complete an Accessible Transit Application. The form below can be completed and submitted by email to, or printed and returned to 115 Lake Street in Picton. Applicants can also fill out the online form.

Accessible Transit Application Form Printable

Once you have received confirmation that you have successfully registered, you can begin scheduling trips. Trips must be scheduled at least one day in advance. Priority will be given to riders with physical disabilities and medical appointments take precedence over social trips. To schedule a trip, call 1.855.283.9640.

Fixed Route Fare Schedule

Picton/Belleville Picton/Bloomfield Within Picton
One Way (Adult) $11 $5 $3.50
Senior/Student/Registered Client $7 $4.25 $2.50
Children (6-11) $4 $3.25 $1.75
Children (5 and under) No Charge No Charge No Charge
Book of 10 Tickets
Adult $70 $35 $25
Senior/Student/Registered Client $57.50 $35 $25
Monthly Pass
Adult $180 $95 $55
Senior/Student/Registered Client $135 $95 $55
Two Week Pass
Adult $90 $47.50 $27.50
Senior/Student/Registered Client $67 $47.50 $27.50

Purchasing a pass is a great way
to ensure you always have transit fare.

Contact County Transit by email or phone to arrange your transit pass purchase:

(613)-392-9640 or 1-855-283-9640 

County Transit Route Map and Schedule

County Transit introduced a new bus schedule with an additional return trip to Belleville, which began on Monday, June 17.

County Transit Fixed Route Bus Stop Schedules

Click here for a printable copy of our new brochure, which contains the new map and schedule.

Picton Summer Loop

County Transit, in partnership with Base31, is piloting a new public transit route in Picton this summer.

Passengers can expect the Picton Summer Loop to complete its circle around Picton every half hour. This high-frequency schedule ensures that residents, youth, and guests can easily visit friends, attend events, get to and from work, and explore the vibrant summertime attractions of the Picton area. 

The Picton Summer Loop will follow most of the current route of County Transit’s fixed route in Picton, which begins and ends at the Metro parking lot (73 Picton Main Street). The Picton Summer Loop will add stops at Base 31 and The Waring House.

The Picton Summer Loop will start Friday, May 24, and run through to Sunday, September 8. The loop will operate Fridays from 5 pm to 12 midnight, Saturdays from 11 am – 12 midnight, and Sundays from 3 pm – 9 pm.

Other Public Transportation Options

What other public transportation options are there in Prince Edward County? 

Prince Edward County has a ride-sharing program! 

Uride came to Prince Edward County in 2022. Just download their app from the App Store or Google Play Store to start booking rides. 

Are you an employer or an agency representative in Prince Edward County? Reach our to URide to learn about corporate accounts for your staff and clients.

Check out for more information. 

Another transportation option is taxi service, regulated by Prince Edward County’s Fees & Charges By-law. All taxi drivers are required to be licenced by Prince Edward County’s By-Law department.