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Getting Around

Getting around The County in the summer might take a bit of planning, but we have some tips to help you get where you want to go (without getting a parking ticket!)

Check out the information below on County Transit services, taxis and ridesharing, the Millennium Trail, and parking. 

County Transit

Summer dinner-hour shuttles

Photo of the County Transit bus on a gravel road with trees in the background

An evening shuttle service connecting Picton, Bloomfield and Wellington is available.

The shuttle, a new pilot project operated by County Transit, will be available from 5 pm to 10:30 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until Thanksgiving weekend. Fares are $5 one way (cash only). To guarantee a seat, passengers are asked to reserve their place by contacting Quinte Transit on 613.392.0640 or

Two 18-passenger buses will operate as part of the shuttle service, one starting in Wellington at 5 pm, the other starting in Picton at 5 pm. Stops along the way include:

  • King Street (Picton) parking lot (5 pm; 5:45 pm; 6:30 pm; 7:15 pm; 8 pm; 8:45 pm; 9:30 pm; and 10:15 pm)
  • Parking lot at 73 Picton Main Street (Metro parking lot)
  • Parking lot next to 257 Bloomfield Main Street
  • Parking lot at 132 Wellington Main Street
  • Parking lot at 279 Wellington Main Street (Foodland) (5 pm; 5:45 pm; 6:30 pm; 7:15 pm; 8 pm; 8.45 pm; 9.30 pm; 10:15 pm)

Fixed-route and on-demand services

County Transit offers regular fixed-route and on-demand services year-round connecting points within The County and Belleville.

Learn more about the fixed-route service and schedules by visiting the County Transit website

Learn more about the on-demand service and schedules by visiting the County Transit website

You can also contact County Transit’s service provider, Quinte Transit , by phone at 613.392.0640.

Sandbanks shuttle service

A County Transit bus will transport pre-booked passengers from locations in Picton, Bloomfield, Wellington, Belleville and Trenton to and from the Dunes Beach on Saturdays starting in July until August.

Pick-up times and locations:

  • 9 am Trenton Town Centre (Giant Tiger)
  • 9:30 am Belleville Bus Terminal
  • 10 am Wellington Town Hall, Foodland or Tim Hortons
  • 10:10 am Bloomfield Post Office
  • 10:25 am Picton Metro
  • 10:45 am approximate arrival at Dunes Beach

The bus will return to Dunes Beach at 3:00 pm to load passengers, then depart at 3:30 pm to return riders to their pick-up locations.

Riders must book their seat on the bus in advance by contacting the County Transit provider – Quinte Transit – at 1.855.283.9640. A maximum of 18 passengers can be accommodated per day.

Passengers will not be required to pay an entrance fee to Sandbanks Provincial Park, but must pay the bus fare of $5 each way for pick-ups within The County, and $11 each way for pick-ups in Belleville or Trenton.

For more information or book your seat please contact Quinte Transit at 613.392.9640 (toll free 1.855.283.9640), email, or visit the County Transit website.

Taxis and ridesharing


Licensed taxi cabs are available in Prince Edward County. The public is encouraged to call ahead to book taxis. More information about rates is available on The County’s website.


Uride is offering on-demand service as part of a pilot program.

Download the Uride app from the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account to order a ride. 

Visit the Uride website to learn more about the service.

Active transportation

Millennium Trail

The County boasts an impressive 46 kilometre linear park that connects the County from Picton to Carrying Place. The Millennium Trail is perfect for walking, biking, e-biking, cross-country skiing and even horseback riding to get you where you need to go. For more information about the Millennium Trail, check out the Visit The County website.

Driving and parking

Parking FAQs

Payment is required to park in the following municipal parking areas as signed:

  • Sections of Picton Main Street and adjacent streets 
  • Market Lane Parking Lot (Picton)
  • Municipal Boat Launches

For more information about paid parking areas in Picton visit our parking page.

All County-managed parking will be administered through Mackay Pay, including Picton Main Street, Market Lane parking lot in Picton and the boat launches throughout The County.

Download the Mackay Pay App to pay from your phone. 

In Town:
Parking in town can be paid with coins, credit card and non-PIN debit cards or the Mackay Pay App.

Parking zone numbers for Picton in-town parking are:

  • On-street parking: 3221
  • Market Lane parking lot 3222  

Boat Launches:
Between June 1 2021 and October 31 2021, payment is required to park at municipal boat launches. Parking at the boat launches is handled through the Mackay Pay App (no machines on site). This includes day use and seasonal passes. You can also obtain a seasonal parking pass for the boat launches in advance by contacting customer service: / 613-476-2148 x 1023 for more info.

Parking Zone numbers for Boat Launches are:

  • Big Island 3223
  • Glendon Green 3224
  • HJ McFarland 3225
  • Mabel Kleinsteuber 3226
  • Northport 3227
  • Prinyers Cove 3228
  • Rossmore 3229
  • Wellers Bay 3230
  • Wellington Beach 3231

Contact the County’s Customer Service team for assistance (613-476-2148 x 1023 / Seasonal and day parking permits area available to pick at Shire Hall or the County’s Libraries if arranged in advance.

If you have access to the Internet, you can use the Mackay Pay website on your computer, or the Mackay Pay App before you leave home to purchase your day parking permit for the boat launches.

Parking Zone numbers for Boat Launches are:

  • Big Island 3223
  • Glendon Green 3224
  • HJ McFarland 3225
  • Mabel Kleinsteuber 3226
  • Northport 3227
  • Prinyers Cove 3228
  • Rossmore 3229
  • Wellers Bay 3230
  • Wellington Beach 3231

In Picton, The County offers free parking in municipal lots at 55 King Street and on Mary Street.

In Wellington, parking is free for up to two hours on sections of  Wellingto Main Street and on some side streets in the downtown core. The map below shows where 2-hour parking restrictions are in effect. Blue lines are 2-hour parking, red lines are no-parking areas:

Click the map to view in more detail.
This map was updated with the amendments to the Parking By-Law made on July 15, 2021. This map is a visual guide only. Look for signs and adhere to posted parking restrictions.

Parking is free at C.M.L. Snider School in Wellington (entrance to parking lot off Oak Street) until the end of August, 2022. Learn more

In Bloomfield, parking is free along Bloomfield Main Street for a maximum stay of two hours.

Seasonal no-parking zones are located at areas where roadside parking creates safety and trespassing concerns during the summer months.

See below for maps of all of the seasonal no parking zones.

Parking in these zones is rigorously enforced 7 days/week from May to October 31. The maximum penalty for parking in a seasonal no parking zone is $400.

You can pay your parking ticket online. You may also mail a cheque, drop a cheque or pay in person at the municipal offices at the Edward Building (280 Picton Main Street, Suite 103). Please note that Shire Hall is closed to the public until the province-wide lockdown ends.

Cheques should be made payable to the “Corporation of the County of Prince Edward”

You may also dispute a parking ticket through the Administrative Money Penalty System.

RVs can only be parked overnight in official campgrounds.  Many campgrounds are listed on the Visit The County website.

You may park your own RV on your own property.

The “Use of County Parks and Recreation Areas By-Law” (By-Law 78-2021)  prohibits camping of any kind in County parks, beaches, and recreation areas.

The by-law also prohibits persons from charging or inviting the public for camping on private property that is not zoned for such use. 

Seasonal No-Parking Zones

Seasonal no-parking zones are enforced 7 days/week from May to October (with the exception of County Road 27 which is enforced during the North Beach Provincial Park operating season from June 11 – September 18, 2022 ). Red lines indicate no-parking at any time. Blue lines indicate no-parking during designated times. Double lines on the maps below indicate no parking on both sides of the road. Single lines on the maps indicate no parking on one side only. Maximum penalty for parking in a seasonal no parking zone is $400.

NEW IN 2022: County residents can obtain and use a PEC Summer Pass to exempt them from parking fines when parked in designated spaces on County Road 20 (Huyck’s Point Road) and Bakker Road. Pre-registration for the PEC Summer Pass is now open through an online form

These maps have been updated with the amendments to the Parking By-Law passed on July 15, 2021.

These maps are a visual guide only – please look for and obey the parking rules posted on site.

Stinson Block (Hillier)
County Road 27 (North Beach)
Winns Drive (Sheba's Island)
County Road 18 (Sandbanks)
County Road 12 & Lakeshore Lodge Rd
Salmon Point Road
County Road 13 (Little Bluff)