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Invasive Species Resources

Invasive species are plants, animals, insects and pathogens that are introduced to an area and that cause harm to the environment, economy or society. (Source: Invasive Species Centre

Explore this page for information on invasive species in The County and resources for protecting our woodlands, wildlife and waterways.

A close up image of a Lymantria dispar caterpillar on a green leaf.

Lymantria dispar moth

Areas of Ontario have recently experienced infestations of the Lymantria dispar (formerly known as “gypsy moth”.) These specific outbreaks/infestations happen in cycles, often occurring every seven to 10 years, with outbreaks lasting three to five years. 

The County has prepared a list of recommended actions you can take to protect your trees during each life stage of the Lymantria dispar moth.

Close up photograph of Himalayan Balsam

Invasive Plants Resources

The County will continue to update this section with resources for managing specific invasive plants on your property:

  • Identifying and removing Himalayan Balsam (video)
  • Controlling invasive phragmite australis (video)
  • Controlling invasive garlic mustard (video)
  • Controlling invasive dog strangling vine (video)
  • Controlling invasive common buckthorn (video)