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Shoreline Planting Resources

A natural shoreline is considered the best approach to protecting a lake or river’s edge. Planting and maintaining a buffer zone along your shoreline has many benefits. This zone, made of native plants, will slow erosion, provide food and shelter for fish and wildlife, and protects property.  Over the past three years Quinte Conservation has partnered with Prince Edward County and the public in our community to undertaken a number of shoreline restoration planting projects.

The following table outlines some of the successes this program has achieved, specifically in Prince Edward County.

Year 2019 2020 2021 Total
# of Sites 22 8 27 57
Shoreline Length 967.25 m 619.5 m 1345.4 m 2932.15 m
Area Restored 3845.5 m^2 2393 m^2 7394.3 m^2 13632.8 m^2
Number of plants 2254 1153 3171 6578