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Tree Resources


Recommended tree list for Prince Edward County

This is the list of native tree species that are required for developers who are building in our towns and villages. It is also an excellent jumping off point for anyone seeking advice on what to plant in our area. The list also includes pro tips from an ecologist about choosing the right tree, choosing variety and protecting your trees.

The "DO NOT PLANT" tree list

As important as the recommended tree list is the DO NOT PLANT list. These are the trees that we never recommend for planting in Prince Edward County because they are invasive or become infested with invasive insects.

Prince Edward County's Tree Management and Preservation Policy

This policy provides guidance on how the preservation and replacement/removal of trees is managed; a) on municipally-owned lands, and b) on private lands within designated Settlement Areas that are subject to an application for approval under the Planning Act.

Adopt-A-Tree Program

Council approved the implementation of an Adopt-a-Tree program to allow citizens to take part in Tree Stewardship within the County with the goal of maintaining tree cover. The Adopt-a-Tree program provides a way for citizens to participate in tree planting, maintenance, and monitoring and is intended to increase the number of replacement trees planted each year. The program will be launched in Spring 2022 with a seedling giveaway on April 30.


Watch municipal staff demonstrate how to plant a tree seedling. Filmed at Delhi Park in April 2022.

Videos from our partners:

How to plant tree and shrub seedlings

A video by Lower Trent Conservation Authority with tips for successful planting of tree and shrub seedlings.

How to plant widlflowers

A video by Lower Trent Conservation Authority with tips for planting wildflowers

Map it!

Have you encountered tree-threatening invasive species in Prince Edward County? County staff want to hear from you. Participate in our invasive species mapping project.