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Municipal Projects

Active Projects

Delhi Tree Planting

Tree Inventory and Tree Management & Protection Policy

Efforts are underway to inventory trees on County property. The Tree Management and Protection policy was adopted in 2020 and is intended to a achieve a zero net loss of trees on County property. Related to the policy is an Adopt-a-Tree program, launching in April 2022 with a seedling giveaway for homeowners.

  • The County provided support to the Community Group “Tree the County” in the planting of 13 trees at the Delhi Park on September 25, 2021. Support included provision of planting locations, mulch, watering capabilities, tree guards, and support regarding health and safety considerations.
  • Quinte Conservation planted 30 Speckled Alders and a large number of shrubs and plants at the Delhi Park on October 27, 2021. This planting was supported by a number of groups including members of the Natural Cover Working Group, Operations, and Recreation & Community Services staff. Planting was undertaken in an effort to control invasive wild parsnip and to naturalize the riparian area next to Marsh Creek. Species were selected for their suitability to difficult conditions and their ability to out compete with the invasive species present at Delhi Park.
  • Operations undertook the planting of 7 trees at the Prince Edward County
    Fair Grounds and 7 additional trees at the Delhi Park.
  • A large scale planting program was undertaken to add trees to the Jasper Avenue development by Development Services Staff.  Operations contributed 10 additional trees to this program.
  • Prince Edward County held a Tree Giveaway on April 30, 2022 as part of a series of events centred around earth day.  The event was ran by staff and volunteers from the Quinte Conservation Authority, Picton Rotary Club, the Horticultural Society, the Environmental Advisory Committee’s Natural Cover Group, and the Prince Edward County Master Gardeners. Over 950 trees were given away to residents throughout the course of the day. In additional Kevin Halloran  and Sharon Toth of Greenman Tree Service attended the even to demonstrate how to plant seedlings.

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Hybrid Fleet Pilot Project

Two hybrid compact SUVs were added to The County’s fleet in 2021. This represents a reduction in CO2 production of 77,600 metric tonnes over the vehicles’ lifespans. The anticipated reduction in fuel costs is approximately $31,000 over their lifespans. As part of the 2022 capital budget, council has approved two additional hybrid SUVs. These SUVs will be ordered in 2022.

Photo by Trevor Crowe. 

Biosolids application

In 2022, the municipality conducted public consultation on the management of sewage biosolids in Prince Edward County. Council directed staff to lift the moratorium on spreading locally produced biosolids on County agricultural land, and to further investigate best management practices before the 2023 budget.

Wellington Rotary Beach

Shoreline Management Plan

This project is in partnership with Quinte Conservation Authority, Prince Edward County, Belleville, Deseronto, Greater Napanee, Quinte West, and Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Territory. The Shoreline Management Plan includes flood plain mapping. The data collection (drone survey and ortho images) was completed in 2021, along with public consultation. Further consultation will take place in early 2022.

Completed Projects

Image of a Blanding's Turtle on dry grass.

Ostrander Point Wildlife Protection

The county supported the installation of exclusionary fencing and beaver mitigation measures along Ostrander Point Road in the fall of 2021.

Work was undertaken by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Eco-Kare International. The area is a known nesting ground for the endangered Blanding’s Turtle and the measures are intended to decrease mortality from vehicles. Beaver mitigation measures were also installed to prevent damming of culverts in the area and prevent flooding.  

Photgraph of a residential street at dusk with an LED streetlight illuminated.

LED Street Light Conversion

This project, completed in 2020 included installation of 1384 LED fixtures. The anticipated cost savings include 80% on maintenance, and 66% utility cost savings. The project is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 metric tonnes per year and 581 metric tonnes over 100,000 hours of use.

County Transit

Public Transit

County Transit was launched in August 2020: a public transit system serving Prince Edward County. The program includes a fixed route through Picton, Bloomfield and Belleville with additional on-demand options also available. In summer 2021, the transit program piloted a route to Sandbanks Provincial Park. County Transit reduces the number of vehicles on the road and associated greenhouse gas emissions. 

2021 Drought Management Plan 1 column image

Bay of Quinte Drought Management Plan

Led by Quinte Conservation and funded in part by the municipality of Prince Edward County, the plan provides background information about local droughts, a drought warning plan, roles and responsibilities, and recommended actions for drought preparation during normal conditions and each drought level. Find useful tips for water conservation around your home, as well as low water information and resources for the Quinte Region.

Future Projects

Image of the canopy of a large tree, viewed from the ground up to the blue sky.

Partners for Climate Protection (Federation of Canadian Municipalities)

In November 2021, council voted to join the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Partners for Climate Protection program. Municipal governments influence or control half the sources of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. By taking action, there is opportunity to save money in municipal operations, lower energy costs for residents and businesses, increase investment in the local economy and improve community health and wellbeing. 

The Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program, from ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI Canada) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, can help municipalities do our part. It consists of a five-step Milestone Framework that guides municipalities as they take action against climate change by reducing emissions.