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First phase of new Wellington water tower commissioning complete

Temporary pressure reduction expected before final phase

The first phase of commissioning the new Wellington water tower has been successfully completed. A temporary pressure reduction is required for the final phase of commissioning.

  • As of Monday afternoon, water pressure will return to former ranges prior to commissioning of the new water tower. The pressure reduction is tentatively scheduled to last until the morning on Thursday, May 9.
  • The tentative completion date for the water tower commissioning is Thursday, May 9. At that time, the new water tower will officially go into service, and the water pressure will once again increase and remain permanent.
  • Water pressure has recently increased as a result of connecting the new water tower on Belleville Street to the system, which began on Monday, April 29.
  • Update notices will be circulated on the municipality’s website and social media channels. Visit the County website and sign up to receive municipal notices, PSAs and news releases delivered directly to your email inbox.
  • This planned water pressure increase will impact all customers connected to the Wellington municipal drinking water system, including the private system, Wellington on the Lake. The elevation of homes or other buildings within the village in relation to the tower will determine the final water pressure at your home/building. Service connections at the lowest elevations in the drinking water system will have the highest water pressure when commissioning is complete.
  • During the commissioning period, users can expect water pressure fluctuations. Once the commissioning period is completed and the new water tower is connected to the drinking water system, the water pressure increase will be permanent. The new, increased water pressure is within the typical operating range for municipal drinking water systems in Ontario.
  • Customers can expect to experience an increase in water pressure and the water flow rate (or volume) of water coming from their taps.
  • It is possible that the water pressure increase could result in leaks or breaks in the municipal underground infrastructure. The municipality will have resources on standby to address any repairs. If a repair is required, traffic will be directed around working crews. Vehicles and equipment may limit visibility and noise levels will be elevated for the duration of the repair(s). Motorists are asked to be cautious of any working crews.
  • The increase in water pressure may cause leaks or breaks in private plumbing in any home or building connected to the drinking water system. The municipality recommends that private property owners closely monitor their plumbing during the commissioning period. The condition of plumbing within a home/building is the private property owner’s responsibility. Should you have any concerns with the condition of your private plumbing, please seek the advice of a licensed plumber before and after the planned pressure increase.
  • If you experience a private plumbing emergency that cannot be isolated by closing the main shut-off valve located at your water meter and you require the municipality to shut off the water supply to your home/building at the property line, please call the emergency line at 613.967.8777.
  • This work is not expected to impact water quality; however, residents may experience coloured water as a result of this work. The water remains safe to drink throughout the duration of this planned work.
  • If coloured water is experienced, customers are encouraged to flush their water lines at the cold water tap nearest to the water meter once the work is complete.
  • The bulk water filling station located in Wellington will remain in service.
  • The new water tower has been constructed at a higher elevation than the existing water tower on Oak Street. This will result in improved water pressures and larger water storage capacity within the municipal drinking water system. This work will provide greater security for treated water supply in Wellington. The new tower benefits the existing community in these ways and also supports new development.
  • The existing water tower on Oak Street will be disconnected from the water distribution system once the new water tower commissioning process has been successfully completed. Future plans for the Oak Street water tower have not yet been determined.
  • For more information, contact the County of Prince Edward at 613.476.2148 ext. 1023, 613.962.9108 ext. 1023, or

Please note: The County of Prince Edward provides this information as a service to the general public. While we do our best to provide accurate information, construction projects and associated service disruptions are subject to change based on weather, road, traffic, and other uncontrollable conditions.

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