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Grants and Resources

Explore the links below for resources that you can use to help make more sustainable choices, as well as funding opportunities to help green your home or business.



Lawn Naturalization

The County of Prince Edward recognizes the positive impacts naturalized areas can have on biodiversity. These areas are landscaped with native and non-native plants instead of turf grasses, and they are not maintained by mowing.

Image of the canopy of a large tree, viewed from the ground up to the blue sky.

Tree Resources

A collection of resources for property-owners and developers related to tree selection, management and preservation.

Backyard Composter

Backyard Composting Resources

Information on setting up and managing your backyard composter

Photograph of a lush pollinator garden with grassy foliage and pink flowers

Garden and Planting Resources

On Earth Day, 2022, County staff and experts from local businesses made a presentation on “Sustainable Planting at Home” at Macaulay Heritage Park. The slideshow and video from this event are linked below.

A close up image of a Lymantria dispar caterpillar on a green leaf.

Invasive species resources

Invasive species are plants, animals, insects and pathogens that are introduced to an area and that cause harm to the environment, economy or society. Explore this page for information on invasive species in The County and resources for protecting our woodlands, wildlife and waterways.

Image of a Blanding's Turtle on dry grass.

Wildlife Preservation Resources

Participate in iNaturalist’s “Wildlife on Roads” project! The project aims to empower citizen scientists and road maintenance workers to collect accurate wildlife on-road data for use in evaluating road impacts, and to implement effective solutions. In turn, these data can supplement recovery efforts for wildlife threatened by roads. 

Car engine

Vehicle Idling Information

In 2020, Prince Edward County introduce an idling control by-law that seeks to reduce unnecessary idling in The County. Drivers who idle their vehicle for more than three minutes could face a fine; more importantly, the by-law presents an opportunity to stop and think about idling in The County and encourage everyone to try to turn it off as much as possible!

Photograph of plants along the shoreline.

Shoreline Planting Resources

A natural shoreline is considered the best approach to protecting a lake or river’s edge. Planting and maintaining a buffer zone along your shoreline has many benefits. This zone, made of native plants, will slow erosion, provide food and shelter for fish and wildlife, and protects property. 


Download the list of land stewardship grants available to County residents (compiled by the Environmental Advisory Committee, November 2021)

Stewardship funding in PEC – Nov 2021

Grants for homeowners and businesses for energy efficiency improvements.

Federal Government:


Save on Energy:


The County Sustainability Group offers two awards for sustainable farming each  year. The annual $1000 award goes to a farmer in Prince Edward County who best demonstrates the values of ecologically sound, sustainable farm practices which regenerate soil health, protects vital resources such as water and biodiversity, reduces the need for synthetic inputs and prioritizes renewable energy sources. An additional $500 grant will be awarded to a farmer who illustrates sustainable practices to protect, preserve, and promote pollinator health. Deadline to apply is late April. Contact for more information

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