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The municipality maintains 1,100 kilometres of roads in Prince Edward County year-round with the exception of seasonal roads, private lanes, and provincially owned highways such as Highway 62 and part of Loyalist Parkway (Highway 33).

The roads are patrolled in accordance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards for municipal highways to identify and fix temporary road hazards such as downed trees, branches, snow, snow drifts, icy conditions, and more.

Learn more about the different ways the municipality keeps roads in good shape and passable during winter weather events.

Regular Road Maintenance
Road Rehabilitation
& Preventative Maintenance
Snowplowing and
Winter Control

Road Closures

From time to time, planned or emergency construction may result in partial or complete closure of County roads. In extreme and prolonged winter weather conditions, roads may also be closed for public safety.

To view the latest postings about road construction, closures, and any other service disruptions, visit the Construction, Closures, and Service Disruptions page.

Street Lights and Traffic Lights

To report a burnt out street light or an issue with a traffic light, please contact our Customer Service Desk.

Road Signage

Fingerboard signs provide directional guidance to motorists. If you are interested in purchasing a fingerboard sign to direct motorists to your business, please review the guidelines and criteria in the Fingerboard Sign Policy, then complete and submit a Fingerboard Sign Application.

Road Permits

When working on municipal property, including roads, sidewalks, and ditches, a permit is required.

The following permits are coordinated by the Operations Department:

Municipal Consent Applications

Municipal Consents provide utility companies with the authorization required to occupy and install infrastructure within a specific location of the Municipal Right of Way. The primary utilities requiring Municipal Consents are electricity, gas, internet, cable TV and phone. The work requiring a Municipal Consent includes, but is not limited to; installing new infrastructure, performing maintenance on existing infrastructure, making additions/upgrades to existing infrastructure, and/or conducting work requiring hard surface cuts, excavating, directional drilling and/or boring. At this time, Municipal Consents are applied for using our Right of Way/Temporary Road Occupancy Permit application form. To apply, please complete our Right of Way/Temporary Road Occupancy Permit application.