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Housing Provider / Developer / Landlord

There are options available to County property owners and developers:

Collaborate with Regional Government Partners

Prince Edward Lennox and Addington Social Services (PELASS) offers private landlords an opportunity to provide affordable housing to renters who already live in their units or renters from the centralized wait list. Visit the PELASS website to learn more.

  • Developers may be able to access funds that the provincial and federal governments provide to PELASS for expanding affordable housing. Contact PELASS at 613.354.0957 if your development idea involves new builds or renovation of an existing building to create additional affordable housing in the community.
  • The Prince Edward County Affordable Housing Corporation works with private developers toward innovative affordable housing projects

Developer Support

Prince Edward County Affordable Housing Corporation can assist private developers interested in adding CMHC defined affordable housing to their projects.  Find out more at

Secondary Suites Subsidy Pilot Project

Following the 2022 decision of Prince Edward County Council to approve $200,000 from the reserve for affordable housing, the Secondary Suites Pilot Project will continue for its second year to increase the supply of long-term rentals.

Eligible homeowners and small landlords (fewer than 10 units) could receive non-repayable loans of up to $25,000 to create or substantially renovate secondary units. Funding is an interest-free, non-repayable loan that is forgiven on the condition that the unit is affordable, and rented to long-term tenants for a minimum of 15 years. Interested residential property owners can get more information at 

To learn more about this program, contact Elis Ziegler, Housing Programs and Services, or call 613.922.3785.

To learn more about this program, contact Elis Ziegler, Housing Programs and Services, at or call 613.922.3785.